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Who is the target market for ShisaNyama?

ShisaNyama’s are commonly frequented on weekends by city dwellers who like to return to their “roots” in the townships to make their current status known and to socialise with friends in a relaxed and familiar environment.

What is a Shisa Nyama?

Shisanyama is a Zulu word, literally meaning “burn meat”, which refers to the way the meat is cooked over hot coals. It started off as a way for butchers to drive sales over the weekends, and today it’s one of South Africa’s most delicious and social ways of eating.

How much is Chesa Nyama franchise?

Looking at the biggest food chains in the country, franchising costs range from R500,000 for a brand like Chesa Nyama, to as much as R6 million for a global giant like McDonald’s (all excluding VAT).

How do I start a butchery business in South Africa?

Equipment for Butchery Business Required equipment include industrial deep freezers, cold rooms, display fridges, meat slicers, scales, knives etc. You may also buy a meat delivery van to enable you to transport the meat on your own. Your butchery business plan should cater for the costs of purchasing equipment.

What is effectiveness of Shisa Nyama?

As a fast food center, it can provide foods to people faster who need to eat something hurriedly while travelling a long journey by/on road. They can halt for a few minutes and buy a burger and have it before going further on their journey. This is a positive aspect/ effectiveness.

How many Chesa Nyama stores are there?

On Monday CEO Praxia Nathanael told Business Insider South Africa there were now 141. Gold Brands has previously promised investors it would take the Chesanyama “braai” concept to the United Kingdom.

Is a Shisanyama a restaurant?

Founded in 1997, Imbizo Shisanyama is one of South Africa’s most acclaimed African cuisine restaurants that celebrate the authentic African culture and heritage.

Is King Pie profitable?

A King Pie outlet makes a revenue of about R1. 7 million a year. The owner takes home about R20k per month. It costs less than R250k to open up a King pie mobile outlet.

What is the cheapest food franchise to open in South Africa?

The King Pie franchises are among the cheapest food franchise businesses to purchase. The biggest and most expensive of the operations, the King Pie store, costs up to R550,000 (excluding VAT) to establish. This also requires a joining fee of R55,000, and flat rate marketing fees of approximately R6,000 per month.

What is the target market for a car wash?

Target Marketing New car owners: Owners of newer cars are most likely to use a hand car washing service. These owners take great pride in their cars and will bring them often to the wash and detail service. The goal with these customers is to promote regular use of the wash and detail service.

What type of business is car wash?

The Car Wash and Auto Detailing industry is tasked with cleaning, washing and waxing automotive vehicles, such as passenger cars, trucks, vans and trailers. Like many industries that rely on discretionary spending, this industry is sensitive to changes in household finances.

Do I need a license to sell meat in South Africa?

South Africa is the only country in the world with no legislation defining what can be sold as meat.

What makes a butchery successful?

Best equipment A smoothly operating butchery requires specialised refrigeration, prep areas and retail space. You will also need trays, carts, a cold room, cabinets and display equipment. The area needs to be well designed and hygienic to allow for meat cutting, sorting, packaging and serving.

How profitable is a butchery?

Your net profit per kilo of meat sold will be Ksh400 – Ksh300 = Ksh100. By selling only 150Kg of meat, your total profit will now be Ksh100 X 150 = Ksh15,000. If you sell the meat after cooking and with accompaniments, you are likely to sell many more kilos.

What are the effectiveness of spaza shops?

The effectiveness of Spaza shops are: Though small but this shop can accommodate basic household items which is a great advantage for both the seller and for someone staying nearby. That way a fixed income is also guaranteed.

What are the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of car wash?

1) Car washing requires vigorous water and chemical abrasive treatments. These might fade away the colour. 2) Sometimes heat is applied to remove some dirt, long term use of this might lead into car’s damage.

Who is the owner of Imbizo busy corner?

Rita Zwane is the owner of Imbizo Shisanyama in Ebony Park, formerly known as Busy Corner. She has written a book titled Conquering The Poverty of the Mind, which highlights her journey of building the popular business.

What is a braai in South Africa?

A braai is South Africa’s answer to the barbecue – but it’s so much more than that. It’s a special South African feast that can last for hours, and there are plenty of rules and etiquette around a classic braai. The most important part of a braai is the fire.

How much does a KFC franchise cost?

Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchise Cost / Initial Investment / Kentucky. The franchise fee to become a KFC franchise owner is $45,000, with an estimated startup costs totals ranging between $1.2 million and $2.5 million. A 5% royalty fee on gross monthly receipts is paid to the company.

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