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Where are Stio products manufactured?

Carefully and thoughtfully curated, Stio™ is driven and defined by the mountain world here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but very importantly, not limited to it.

Why is it called Stio?

Over time, he started selling casual outdoor clothing and opened the stores in Jackson Hole. He named the company Stio after his first name in Irish Gaelic, Stiofan. Now, Egan said, Stio has become a brand synonymous with Jackson Hole.

Are Stio clothes made in China?

All Stio apparel is designed, developed and tested in Jackson, Wyoming. However Stio® manufactures products in the USA, Canada, China, El Salvador, and Vietnam.

Does Stio make good clothes?

So how does this all relate to Stio? Yes, it’s a premium brand and the pricing reflects that. But it’s backed up with quality apparel that performs when you need it to, and is also versatile and stylish enough for everyday wear.

Is Stio worth the price?

With performance and durability that approaches that of the highest scoring products in the test, at a lower price, this is a good value. It isn’t inexpensive enough to earn a Best Buy award, but it is close. If you want the performance of the top scorers at a lower price, check out the Stio Shot 7.

Is Stio ethical?

100% Climate Neutral Certified In our commitment to being good stewards of the mountain life and protecting the places we play, we are proud to announce that we have completely offset our carbon footprint for 2020, with a plan to reduce and offset our footprint in all future years to come.

Is Stio publicly traded?

The company is privately held and isn’t giving away financial information, but Sullivan said it is “growing a lot,” with compounded annual growth of 65 percent. The attraction of working at Stio is partly the situation: mountain living, an outdoors ethos, and a devotion to a balance of work and play, Sullivan said.

What is Stio logo?

It’s a simple, functional beauty that inspires our design ethos and the clothing we make. As the symbol of our brand, the Whitebark Pinecone serves as a daily reminder that we need to help protect the places we love and every action, big or small, makes a difference.

What is Stio company?

Stio was founded to inspire connection with the outdoors through beautiful, functional products infused with mountain soul. We draw inspiration from our everyday immersion in life here in Jackson Hole: days on local rivers, trails and Teton summits.

Is Patagonia American made?

As of this writing, Patagonia manufacturing is done by contracted factories in 16 countries, including the United States. These factories produce high-quality clothes that require no expensive rework and do not have flaws that would boomerang the clothes back from the customer to the point of purchase.

Where are Patagonia factories?

In Los Angeles, we contract with a variety of suppliers, and we have long-term factory relationships in Texas and North Carolina. The factory we work with in Texas hires disabled workers, one of the reasons we work with them. Our new fishing crampons are made in Ventura, California, not far from Patagonia headquarters.

Is North Face American made?

The North Face is an American outdoor company that produces some of the best outdoor clothing, footwear, and accessories.

Are Stio jackets warm?

“The vest uses super-warm and water-resistant down to keep the core warm, and because it’s ripstop fabric, it won’t tear or rip if tossed in a pack with heavy or rough gear.” “This highly packable Stio has just enough insulation to take the chill off. And because it’s synthetic, it stays warm even when you sweat.

Is Stio a good ski brand?

-based outerwear brand Stio has all of the durability and breathability skiers could ask for, but the Objective Pro takes a step further by fine-tuning the style to fit looser to accommodate midlayers and remain comfortable while skiing.

Where are Stio jackets made?

The minute you try on a Stio clothing item you’ll know the quality and craftsmanship that goes into every piece they make. There are roughly 80 people working for Stio in Jackson, Wyoming. The team there designs, develops and tests their products to meet their own needs in their outdoor adventures.

Who makes stoic clothing?

Stoic, a brand owned and operated by e-retail powerhouse Backcountry, has been making outdoor apparel for some time now.

Who is the owner of Patagonia?

Yvon Chouinard is founder of outdoor wear maker Patagonia, based in Ventura, California. Since Patagonia was founded in 1984, it has has an open office plan – not even Chouinard, the owner, has his own office.

Does Patagonia use child labor?

Patagonia does not and will not knowingly utilize suppliers who use child labor in our supply chain. Patagonia requires all business partners to adhere to Patagonia’s Code of Conduct and detailed Benchmarks on Child Labor.

How many Patagonia stores are there in the world?

We also operate two distribution centers—our facilities where we receive goods from factories in the US and overseas—and more than 70 Patagonia stores worldwide.

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