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What did Suzanne Pleshette say about Troy Donahue?

“Troy was a sweet, good man,” she later said. “We just were never destined to be married. We just didn’t have the same values. But I’m not bitter.

What happened to Troy Donahue and Suzanne Pleshette?

8 (AP)—The six‐month marriage of two film stars, Troy Donahue and Suzanne Pleshette, ended in divorce today after Miss Pleshette testified that trouble started 17 days after the wedding. The actress obtained a default decree in Superior Court on a charge of mental cruelty.

Was Troy Donahue an abusive husband?

Before his marriage, Donahue had been engaged to a woman named Lili Kardell who sued him for damages, stating that he had hit her. The actor married actress Valerie Allen on October 21, 1966. Allen filed for divorce in 1968, charging her husband with cruelty.

What happened to actor Troy Donahue?

Death. On August 30, 2001, Donahue suffered a heart attack and was admitted to Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica. He died three days later on September 2 at the age of 65.

Did Connie Stevens ever date Troy Donahue?

They appeared together on TV, too –– Donahue joined the cast of Hawaiian Eye in its final season, while Stevens had been a regular since the show’s beginning. The frequent co-stars became friends off screen as well, though they never were linked romantically.

Is Troy Donahue related to Elinor Donahue?

Famous Donahues include former talk show host Phil Donahue, 1960s teen heartthrob actor Troy Donahue, and actress Elinor Donahue, who played Betty “Princess” Anderson on the TV show Father Knows Best, which aired during the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Where is Suzanne Pleshette today?

Pleshette died in the early evening of January 19, 2008, twelve days before her 71st birthday, at her Los Angeles home. She is buried close to her third husband, Tom Poston (who died the previous year), in the Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery in Culver City, California.

Who does the voice of yubaba?

Suzanne Pleshette is the English dub voice of Yubaba in Spirited Away, and Mari Natsuki is the Japanese voice.

How old was Troy Donahue when he passed away?

PACIFIC PALISADES, California (CNN) — Troy Donahue, a blond-haired, blue-eyed actor who achieved teen heartthrob status in the 1950s and 60s, died Sunday in a California hospital. Donahue, 65, died at 6 a.m. at Saint John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, according to Bob Palmer, a family friend.

Who is Trevor Donahue?

Trevor Donahue was a businessman and corporate executive, owner and Chief Executive Officer of Donahue Development.

Who was with Bobby Darin when he died?

While on set for the film, he met his wife, the actress Sandra Dee. The pair had one son, Dodd Mitchell Darin, who was reportedly the apple of their eye. Sadly, Bobby Darin died in 1973 at the age of 37 following a heart operation in Los Angeles.

Where is Connie Francis today?

And since a 1967 trip to Vietnam when she entertained the troops, Francis has remained especially close to the military veterans she calls “the real heroes.” Happily living now in Florida for about 20 years (her home was spared damage from devastating hurricane Irma), Francis, now 80, is retired from performing.

Did Connie Stevens disappear?

Stevens says police had looked into several leads, conducted witness interviews and polygraph tests, but there were no suspects. The two men she was at the Hayloft with the night of her disappearance were cleared and described by police as “forthcoming”.

Why did Elinor Donahue leave Andy Griffith?

Donahue left the ‘Griffith Show’ before her contract was up The actor got married, had a child, and then found herself divorced. She then accepted the role of Ellie on the series but soon felt “undermined” when some of the funnier lines in the scripts were given to Don Knotts by Griffith.

Why did Suzanne Pleshette leave Bob Newhart show?

Pleshette retired from acting after marrying her second husband, wealthy businessman Tom Gallagher, in 1968. She told TV Guide in 1972 that after she’d been hanging around the house for six months, “my loving husband said, ‘You’re getting to be awfully boring. Go back to work. ‘ ”

How old was Tom Poston when he passed away?

Tom Poston, an Emmy-winning comic actor whose television characters ranged from the slow-witted Everyman on “The Steve Allen Show” to a cantankerous closet-dwelling clown on the recent sitcom “Committed,” died on Monday at his home in Los Angeles. He was 85.

Why did Pat Finley leave The Bob Newhart Show?

Howard was engaged for a time to Bob’s sister Ellen (Pat Finley), a newspaper reporter, but she went out of his life and off the show when she moved to Cleveland for a better job – and after she had a flirtation with Howard’s visiting brother, game warden, Gordon Borden (William Redfield).

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