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Is Pearl Drops toothpaste discontinued?

We were so happy to learn that it wasn’t discontinued. It’s the only toothpaste that we’ve used that feels as if you’ve just left the dental hygenist chair after you use it. Love this product.

Are Pearl Drops good for your teeth?

Pearl Drops’ toothpaste combines superior teeth-whitening, enamel-strengthening and dentistry polishing agents to leave your teeth expertly cleaned, strengthened and up to four shades whiter in just three weeks. It claims to be gentle and low abrasion, helping to prevent the appearance of cavities.

How good is Pearl Drops whitening tooth polish?

The Pearl Drops Lasting Flawless White promises to give you a whiter small in three days, which at first could be seen as overly ambitious. However, after using it for one day I had already noticed a difference. My teeth looked whiter, shinier and felt cleaner.

Does pearl drop toothpaste whiten teeth?

This advanced low-abrasion whitening formulation, containing essential fluoride and plaque removers for stronger and healthier teeth with everyday burshing, aids enamel strengthening and boosts whiteness to give you up to 4 shades whiter teeth in 3 weeks when used daily.

What is the oldest brand of toothpaste?

1873: The first commercially produced, nice-smelling toothpaste was launched by Colgate and sold in a jar.

Are Pearl Drops abrasive?

Abrasives such as Pearl Drops (technically a tooth polish) work in an obvious manner. All toothpastes are abrasive to a greater or lesser degree; polishes are at the higher end of the scale. Titanium oxide, also used in many suntan lotions, works like a dye, plugging gaps in the teeth so they appear whiter.

Does Pearl Drops contain fluoride?

Product Description. deliver outstanding whitening. Contains Fluoride and plaque removers to help keep teeth and gums healthy.

What’s best to whiten your teeth?

Hydrogen peroxide is a mild bleach that can help to whiten stained teeth . For optimal whitening, a person can try brushing with a mix of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for 1–2 minutes twice a day for a week. They should only do this occasionally.

Can kids use Pearl Drops toothpaste?

This clinically proven formula is gentle and safe for everyday use. Warnings or Restrictions Do not swallow. Not suitable for children under 7.

How do you use pearl daily whitening?

It is safe for everyday use. Use twice daily for three weeks and see the difference with the enclosed shade guide. The dual action formula helps polish away stains and plaque to bring extra confidence to your smile. For optimum results, brush your teeth everyday with Pearl Drops Professional Whitening Toothpolish.

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