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How much does Carousell cost?

What is Carousell Protection fee? Our goal is to provide you with a safe and secure buying experience. To be able to do that, we charge a small fee to buyers at 2.5% of the item and delivery price. From 15 December 2020, Carousell Protection Fee has increased from 2% to 2.5%.

Can you make money on Carousell?

Carousell makes money from brands and sellers advertising on its platform as well as listing fees. Carousell operates on a marketplace business model in which it connects sellers with buyers. As the intermediary, it then takes care of the product recommendation as well as payment facilitation.

Is Carousell better than Shopee?

Sellers on Shopee are more focused and they tend to sell a specific type of items that they’ve sourced from a supplier; sellers on Carousell are a mix of those who are selling off second-hand items as well as “shops” that sell a specific type of items (be it clothes, tech gadgets or toys).

How do I receive money from CarouPay?

Buyers pay immediately to secure their order when buying with CarouPay. Simply accept the order and ship the item. You will receive the money in your Carousell wallet once the buyer has received the item, or 7 days after delivery is dispatched. Cash out from your Carousell Wallet anytime you like!

Does Carousell charge Commission Malaysia?

It’s probably also one of the more popular platforms since there are hardly any fees you need to pay as a seller! The only time you’ll be required to pay any fee is if you’re listing items in the Cars, Motorbikes and Property categories, which is unlikely for you since you’re probably selling products or services.

Who pays for shipping on Carousell?

As a seller, you don’t have to pay for shipping fees. Buyers pay for the shipping fees, but enjoy Carousell-exclusive PosLaju shipping rates and save up to 40% on shipping fees!

How many free listings do you get on Carousell?

Carousell remains free to use for all our users and you may continue to sell multiple items, 30 active listings at a time. Remaining listings will be saved in your profile as inactive. Once listings are sold, you can mark more as active.

What is instant buy on Carousell?

InstantBuy is Carousell’s latest feature which allows everyone to buy second hand with confidence. All InstantBuy listings are quality assured, available and ready to ship.

Who is the owner of Carousell?

Siu Rui Quek, Marcus Tan and Lucas Ngoo are the brains behind Carousell, a Singapore-headquartered online consumer-to-consumer marketplace which observers are calling one of Southeast Asia’s next $1 billion unicorns.

Who invested in Carousell?

TEMASEK unit Heliconia Capital has pumped US$10 million into classifieds platform Carousell, at the same US$1.1 billion valuation of the startup’s funding round in September.

Is Carousell protection free?

Carousell Protection is 100% FREE for sellers, with no extra charges on your successful Carousell Protection transactions. And you’ll get your cash within 24 hours. A fuss-free solution for online sellers looking for a trusted e-commerce payment method.

Who are Carousell competitors?

Carousell’s top competitors include Coupang, Yamibuy,, Wallapop, OfferUp, Depop and Letgo.

Is Shopee commision free?

Commission fee is an amount charged to Shopee Mall sellers based on the price of a product listing. The commission fee is calculated as a percentage of the product listing price, before any vouchers or promotional discounts from Shopee are applied. Commission fee varies according to the product category.

Is Carousell pay safe?

Carousell Protection is designed to protect both buyers and sellers with their payments and transactions. As a buyer using Carousell Protection, your payments will be held in trust and only released to the seller once you have confirmed that you have received the item in good condition.

Is CarouPay safe for buyer?

Buyers Can Transact With A Greater Peace Of Mind When a buyer makes a purchase via CarouPay, Carousell holds the payment and first verifies the transaction before cashing out to sellers. This gives assurance to both seller and buyer in case of dispute.

Can you pay by credit card on Carousell?

Choose your payment method – you can pay with your debit/ credit card or with DBS PayLah! and you’re done! d.

How do I send PosLaju to carousell?

Select the listing you’d like to edit on your profile. At the top right-hand corner, tap on the “•••” button. You’ll see an option to “Edit listing” Under “Deal Method”, enable “Delivery with Carousell Protection” and add PosLaju as your delivery option.

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