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How do I use my healthy benefit card at CVS?

When you’re ready to checkout, have the cashier scan your OTC benefits card or mobile app barcode any time before payment. If you are shopping at Walmart or CVS, you must scan your barcode after the sale has been totaled. You will see your benefits applied immediately.

How do I order from OTC?

To purchase OTC items online or by mail order, visit or call 1-877-236-7027, Monday to Friday, 8am–8pm. Please have your OTC Plus card with your 19-digit member benefit card number ready.

What are over the counter benefits?

Your coverage includes non-prescription OTC health and wellness items like vitamins, sunscreen, pain relievers, cough and cold medicine, and bandages.

Where can I use my Healthy Benefits Plus Card?

Use the Store Finder to discover where you can shop using your Healthy Food Card. You can shop with your Healthy Food Card at any of these participating stores: Acme, Food Lion, GIANT, Giant Eagle, Martin’s, Walgreens, Walmart and more. Participating stores are subject to change.

Can I use my healthy benefits card online?

Simply enter your 17-digit card number and 4-digit security code at checkout and choose your delivery method. Shipping is 100% covered by your health plan once your OTC benefit payment is applied at checkout. It will not be deducted from your OTC benefit balance.

How often do you get Healthy Benefits Plus?

Plus, you get the added benefit of Grocery Discounts, where you save on healthy food products from over 200 qualified brands like lean meats, whole-grain bread, cereal, milk, produce and more. New promotions are added every week, and you can save up to $2,500 a year! It’s that easy!

Can I use my OTC at CVS online?

The use of this benefit to order OTC items for family members and friends is prohibited. In this catalog you will find SKU numbers that can be used at to obtain additional product information such as ingredients. You do not need the SKU to order online or by phone.

What is OTC at CVS?

It can be found on the front of your health plan ID card. What is the Over-the-Counter (OTC) benefit? The OTC benefit offers you an easy way to get generic over-the-counter health and wellness products by going to any OTC Health Solutions-enabled CVS Pharmacy store.

Can I order OTC items online?

To place online orders through the OTC (Over the Counter and Diabetic Supplies) System you must be an active member and register through the Member Portal. The Member Portal is a central destination for all information related to your health, benefits, providers, claims and medication.

Can I withdraw money from my OTC card?

The benefit to an OTC cash withdrawal is that you can withdraw a larger amount, up to $705 per transaction with the same withdrawal fee. In addition, financial institutions often do not charge for OTC withdrawals or “cash advances.” OTC withdrawals are also subject to a larger daily maximum, up to $1000 per day.

How often do you get OTC benefits?

As a plan member, you receive a quarterly allowance to purchase qualified OTC products at any pharmacy. You can purchase eligible OTC items all at once or one at a time as long as you don’t go over the set benefit amount. An unspent benefit allowance from one quarter does not carry over to future quarters.

Can I buy food with my OTC card?

Once activated, you can use your OTC and Grocery Card for eligible purchases at participating stores. No PIN or signature is required for in-store purchases — it works just like a pre-paid card. Go to the checkout lanes, and simply swipe the card for payment.

Can you buy toilet paper with OTC card?

You can’t use EBT card to buy household items such as soap, laundry detergent, diapers, sanitary napkins, or toilet paper.

Can I use healthy benefits card at Walgreens?

Continuing with its expansion into financial services, Walgreens announced on Aug. 16 a credit card that gives users benefits, which can be used in Walgreens stores, based on customers’ health and wellness purchases.

Can I use my healthy foods card at Walmart?

You can use your card in-store at Walmart, CVS (including Navarro Pharmacies), and Walgreens. You can also buy a variety of pantry items online at or ready-to-eat prepared meals from (link opens in new window). What items are approved to buy with the Healthy Foods Card?

Can I use my healthy benefits card at Target?

Where can I use my card? We are pleased to share that you have a variety of locations at which to use your Healthy Benefits Plus card: In NJ, you can use your card at ACME, CVS, Duane Reade, Stop & Shop, Walgreens, and Walmart locations. You cannot use your card at CVS locations located within Target stores.

What does the healthy benefits card cover?

With Healthy Benefits+™, you get an allowance to spend on thousands of lower-priced OTC products, saving you more and making your benefits go further! You can use your benefits to purchase OTC items including allergy medication, cough drops, first aid supplies, oral care, pain relievers, vitamins and more!

What is healthy benefit card?

With Healthy Benefits+, you get access to benefits that can help you live a healthier lifestyle. Best of all your benefits are applied instantly at checkout. To view the benefits you are eligible for, log in by selecting ‘Get Started’ above. Once you are logged in, you can activate your card and learn how to shop.

Can I use my healthy food card at Dollar General?

The member can use the Healthy Foods Card just like a credit card. The card can be used at thousands of participating stores, including CVS, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Walgreens and Walmart. To see which Humana plans include this benefit, visit

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