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9 Easy Ikea Desk Mods to Boost Productivity

Today, we are going to discuss about 9 Easy Ikea Desk Mods to Boost Productivity.

IKEA desk after IKEA desk can be found in some of the most beautiful home offices on the internet. IKEA desks are incredibly popular, but what’s amazing about this is that many of them aren’t actually sold as desks. These aren’t desks that design-conscious individuals purchase to complete their interior design plans. These desks were pieced together by crafty decorators from kitchen cabinets, dressers, countertops, and other items.

You might be taken aback by the idea of stocking your home office with kitchen necessities. However, decorators actually do it frequently. Design enthusiasts have created custom desks that perfectly fit their spaces by combining and matching IKEA furniture, and they have done so without spending a fortune on them.

IKEA furniture is very affordable and adaptable, according to blogger Medina Grillo of Grillo Designs. “So it just made sense to hack IKEA furniture to do that if I was going to attempt to build a more custom desk myself,” the author said.

We have a tonne of inspiration thanks to the creative decorators, like Grillo, who have taken on a variety of IKEA desk hacks. The IKEA desk hacks we’ve gathered here are worth trying at home, and we’re confident that any one of them would liven up your workspace.

How do Ikea Hacks work?

Ikea hacks are when you take a piece of Ikea furniture and modify, modernise, or rework it to make it more functional, attractive, or distinctive. Using the inexpensive and simple-to-assemble Ikea bones, you can create a custom piece of furniture or storage solution by customising items that may have been intended for something else. You can always find something to inspire a new project or upcycle because there are thousands of hacks from all over the world. Searching on social media using the hashtag IkeaHacks is a good place to start, or try re-creating one of our above ideas!

How do you reuse Ikea furniture?

There are so many ways to reuse Ikea furniture, and it’s a great way to make something really special for your home. Most second-hand stores or sites will have a bevvy of Ikea hand-me-downs crying out to be made into something more beautiful, so you don’t even have to buy brand new before taking on an Ikea Hack. Try to completely free your mind of restraints, and just because Ikea has suggested you use their furniture in a certain way, doesn’t mean you have to do it!

A lick of paint, a change of knobs, or a covering of wallpaper are all inexpensive ways to give your Ikea furniture a new look.

How do I make my Ikea bookcase look more expensive?

Giving your IKEA bookcase a style makeover is the simplest way to make it appear more expensive! Any IKEA piece of furniture will feel instantly more expensive and bespoke if the handles are changed and it is painted in a trendy colour.

If you want to try this, our guide to how to fit a door handle has some great advice. Changing the handles can make all the difference and give you the freedom to make it totally personal.

These brilliant IKEA hacks are all excellent ways to modernise your house on a tight budget.

How can Ikea shelves be modified?

Try removing the backs from closed shelving or adding them to open shelving! Consider flipping ledge shelves upside down, using slim bedside tables and shelving units turned on their sides, and using bench storage as alternatives to traditional bookcases for storing and displaying books. Play around with orientation and don’t assume that a shelf’s purpose is the only use for it; your creativity is the limit!

An expanded workstation

When two desks are at their maximum amount of space, this workstation, which would be ideal for two teenagers or roommates, should be added. The extra tabletop separates the different work areas and gives you more space to spread out when you need it.

A Floating Desk for Tiny Spaces

Floating desks are the perfect way to maximise a small space and make it usable as a workspace if you have limited space. Due to the two workstations’ attachments to the wall, there is more room for other uses of the space.

A Useful Additional Workspace

This Ikea desk is ideal for people who want a minimalist look but need a little extra space. Simply bring it out when more work needs to be done, and when you’re finished, put it back under the desk.

I built a desk for two people.

A contemporary workspace for two was created by Holly and Brad Lauritzen using three grey ALEX drawer cabinets arranged in a precise pattern and beech GERTON tables on top. The white file folder storage compartments and decorative elements like the chalkboards make this desk more useful.

An Ingenious Desk Design for Small Spaces

Learn how to fit a desk into a small space, such as a studio or an already-crowded family room, using this Lauren Koster guide. She simply stained the wood, added hairpin legs, and covered the shelf—which, conveniently, has two built-in drawers.

A Colorful Alternative to Painting

This incredibly inventive desk was created by Lovely Indeed blogger Chelsea Foy by joining HILVER table legs to a LINNMON table top. Then, for storage, she added a set of Micke drawers. But what makes this DIY unique is the following step. After the desk was completely put together, Foy used colourful adhesive vinyl to decorate each drawer.

A Well-Ordered Fix with Lots of Storage

The large desk would be a striking centrepiece in any home office, but the main selling point is the generous amount of storage. In order to maximise the available vertical space in a small area, Jennifer Flores mounted EXPEDIT bookcases to the wall above the workstation.

A Contemporary Desk with Built-Ins

Emily Lex set up a workspace for two people in her garage apartment using three IKEA desks, a wooden countertop, and some attractive brass handles. The result is a sleek, cosy office that looks custom-made.

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A space for children to study

Steph Bond-Hutkin combined some very basic items, such as a LINNMON desktop, a peg board, and BEKVAM spice racks, to create an incredibly adaptable workstation for crafts and studying. To give the desk even more sass, she later added a few drops of mint green paint .