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How to use TikTok to promote your gym on TikTok

TikTok has quickly become one of the biggest social media platforms with billions of users. The shared short-form video content has captured the attention and adoration of many. As such, it has become an excellent platform to market various businesses.

As a gym owner, this makes it one of the best ways to market your establishment. Not only does that expose you to a broad audience, but also opens up new ways to attract some of the industry’s established names. Everyone wants to get fit, lose weight, or gain muscle. As such, they consume media that will help them get there, such as fitness tips and workouts on TikTok. Here is how you can market your gym on TikTok.

Informational TikToks

People often look up fitness tips on different social media platforms. As such, many fitness influencers record and upload videos offering these tips on their social media accounts, especially TikToks. To take advantage of that fact, you can create TikToks of your own and upload them on the platform.

Get together with your coaches and trainers and the gym and create short videos offering some fitness tips. Dieting advice, workouts, etc. are all excellent options that you can cover in this regard. At the end of the video, you may mention your gym and invite the viewers to join to get the body of their dreams.

You can use PosterMyWall’s TikTok video templates to help in this regard. There will be a basic structure present that you can edit and modify according to your needs. This will speed up the process and make the end product look much cleaner. You can use templates to prepare several videos in advance and post them periodically.

Use Hashtags And Fitting Description

If you want to ensure that the videos you put up on TikTok get discovered and watched, then you need to use relevant hashtags. These help in giving your content visibility and makes it likely to be viewed. For example, if you post a video with the hashtag “#fitness”, then it will show up in searches of everyone who would be searching for some fitness content.

These hashtags optimize your TikToks for searches across the platform and make it likely for them to appear on “For You Pages”. You may also put up a relevant description along with the video but do take care to keep brief. The audience is there to watch the video, and not to read. So only offer the most important information in only a sentence or two.

Use Influencers In Your TikToks

Fitness influencers hold clout and following both within the fitness industry and on social media as a whole. Anything that they appear in is considered to be legitimate and is sure to be a hit. To ensure your TikToks perform well and inspire people to join your gym, you can reach out to these influencers. Ask them to train and record their videos at your gym and give it a shout-out. You may also ask them to include a link or location for your gym in their video descriptions to further facilitate audience engagement.

Doing so will make it easy for their audience to take action and engage with your gym to sign up. In return, you may offer free membership at your gym, allow them to instruct or coach, or something similar along these lines to the influencer. Some may even do it for free so it’s good to ask.

Famous bodybuilder and social media fitness sensation Noel Deyzel regularly creates TikToks covering a plethora of fitness-related topics. He also collaborates with other industry professionals regularly at various gyms. Although he is a big name in the industry, you can contact influencers such as him and invite them to film their videos at your gym in exchange for a shoutout.

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The key to promoting anything on social media lies in consistency. In order to be effective in promoting your gym on TikTok, you must consistently post and share your videos. Although your main platform will be TikTok, you can also crosspost on other social media platforms as well to bring your audience from one platform to the other. Since the goal is to promote your gym, every bit counts. You can also advertise any offers or deals you may have running at the time as well. Anything that may entice your prospective members to sign up at the gym will work here. Follow the advice given above, be consistent, and you will see the results with time.