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10 Biggest Sports Rivalries of all Time

Sports contain many fragrances which give ultimate pleasure and excitement to the sports fans. Additionally, every team has an eye on the championship trophy, no matter what the game is. And they intend to do the same; most of the time, the players become rivals to each other. In every sport, you can find such an example where the two leading players of different teams become the biggest rivals. Now, let’s dive into the ocean of sports to pick out the biggest rivalries in sports. But before that, we highly recommend you to track football highlights on Buaksib where they are called ผลบอลสด.

1) Green Bay Packers Vs. Chicago Bears (Nfl)

If you are familiar with NFL, you must have heard about these two rival teams, i.e., Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears. In the field, the game action, plan, and strategy of these teams are completely different compared to other teams. They faced each other in 181 games where the Bears team was in the leading position, i.e., 91 wins, and the Packers won 84 games.

Surprisingly, the Packers and Bears are the two leading teams to win the championship, and also, the players of the two teams have retained their position in the Hall of Fame.

Earlier, in this sport, most fans believed that the Vikings were the biggest rivalry with the Packers, and it is partially true. In one of the major events in 2004, the Vikings defeated the Packers on their home ground, i.e., Lambeau field, by 31-17, and this defeated the second one on their home ground.

However, the Vikings’ presence has been shaded over the years, but still, some reflection comes in the game, which shows the rivalry against the Packers. But in the NFL game, the rivalry between Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers is quite famous and still continues.

2) Close Encounter Between The Leading Spanish Football Club (Barcelona Vs. Real Madrid)

In football, you will find many rival teams, such as Manchester United Vs. Liverpool, Roma Vs. Lazio, and others. But the rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid is quite popular as both the teams retain classy & dynamic players, and they pour everything to win the game. If you turn down the history pages that reflect the rivalries between the two teams, you will find they faced 275 times each other and Barcelona won 115 times, whereas Real Madrid only 99 times.

In the recent La Liga Championship, Barcelona defeated Real Madrid by 4-0. And now, Madrid is again looking for a good time to take revenge on Barcelona.

3) A Never-Ending Battle In Cricket (India Vs. Pakistan)

Since after the partition of India and the formation of Pakistan led to the rivalry between the two countries. In these two countries, cricket is beyond the sport, and every cricket fan of both countries wants their team to win. There is always tension between the two teams on the field, and every match played between them is a high-pressure game where the sports fans applaud their teams. Due to the current relationship between India and Pakistan, the Indian Government has refused to allow the Pakistan team in India.

However, the two teams played away from the home ground. In last year’s T20 International World Cup, India-Pakistan faced each other, and Pakistan won the game. In Test (59 matches) and ODI (131 matches), Pakistan is in a dominant position as it has won 12 and 73 matches, respectively. But in T20 ODI, India is in the upper hand as it has won 6 matches out of 8.

4) New York Yankees Vs. Boston Red Sox (Baseball)

In Baseball games also, you can find the rivalry between the two teams, and the prime ones are Yankee and Red Sox. In Major League Baseball, there are 30 teams, and they are further divided into two categories, i.e., National League and American League. Yankee and Red Sox belong to the American League, and their rivalry is very old and is still in the race.

In between them, 2257 matches were played, and Yankee got the victory in 1214 matches, whereas Red Sox won only 1029 matches. The rivalry between them can be best seen in the field where the fans of both teams go beyond to support their team.

5) Tug Of War Between The Tennis Giants (Mcenroe Vs. Bjorn Borg)

The rivalry between McEnroe and Borg never lasted for a long time, but during 1978-81, the rivalry was at its peak. Borg and McEnroe were the best tennis player, and both of them gave tough competition to each other. If you remember the finals of Wimbledon, 1980, you can find how close the match was as McEnroe defeated Borg (18-16). Furthermore, after losing another Wimbledon final (1981), Borg took retirement from Tennis, and McEnroe said that playing against Borg was very exciting and full of fun.

6) A Tough Fight Between Two Leading Nba Teams (Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Boston Celtics)

In the history of the NBA, the rivalry between LA Lakers and Boston Celtics is quite famous. Whenever the game takes place between the two, there is always drama as nail-biting moments take place, which is highly enjoyed by sports fans. If you go through the records of the NBA Championship, you will find that the Celtics are the winner as the team has won 17 titles, whereas the Lakers are just one title behind the Celtics, i.e., 16.

On the court, they faced each other around 364 times, and here also, the Celtics were the winner (203 matches), and the Lakers won 161 times. However, in a recent match between the two in 2019, the Lakers got the first spot as the team defeated the Celtics; the score was 129-128. Now, you can assume how close the match was and the excitement of the game.

7) Rivalry Between The Boxing Legends (Muhammad Ali Vs. Joe Frazier)

Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier are well-known names in Boxing as they have the ultimate boxing style, unique strategy, and charisma. Their rival came into the light when the undisputed champion (Ali) got defeated by Frazier in 1971. Later on, in the next two boxing tournaments, i.e., in Super Fight II (1974) and Thrilla (1975), Ali was victorious and took revenge for the last defeat against Frazier.

In Boxing, Ali is well known for his speed and skill, whereas Frazier is known for hooks, and the battle between them was always a memorable moment for boxing fans.

8) The Intense Rugby Rivals (New Zealand Vs. Australia)

Rugby is a game of blood on the line, which simply indicates how physical the game is, and the excitement goes beyond when there is a match between the two major rival teams of Rugby, i.e., Australia and New Zealand. Both the teams have played 164 matches, where New Zealand won 114 times and Australia got 43 successes in the bag. The stats clearly show that All Blacks is in the winning position, but the match between the two teams is fully intensified, which gives ultimate goosebumps to the sports fans.

9) Battle Into The Track Between Two F1 Legends (Lewis Hamilton Vs. Nico Rosberg)

Lewis and Nico started their journey as friends, and together as a team, they won 54 races out of 78, which is a great landmark in the F1 race. However, in 2014, their ways got separated in Bahrain Grand Prix, and they individually participated in the race. Since then, they have become rivals, and watching their race on the track is beyond the imagination. Lewis Hamilton got 5 titles, whereas Rosberg got only 1 title in the F1 race. If you consider the podium finish, Rosberg made only 57 out of 206, and Lewis made 134 out of 229.

10) Rivalry In The Tennis Court (Novak Djokovic Vs. Rafael Nadal)

Novak Djokovic is at the top of Tennis, but he always gets the tough fight with Rafael Nadal. If you go through the tennis stats, you will find that the head-to-head battle between them was 53, and Novak won 28 times, whereas Rafael got success in 25 games. The recent battle between them took place in the Australian Open in 2019, in which Novak defeated his arch-rival Nadal by 6-3, 6-2, 6-3.


Rivalry in sports is quite common as it shows the spirit to win the game, but it should remain on the field only. In every sport, you will get rivals, and their rivalry makes the game more exciting and fun-loving.