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Woah Vicky Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, Career, Awards & More

As of 2023, Woah Vicky’s estimated net worth is $2 million. View Woah Vicky’s bio, age, boyfriend, height, weight, and a tonne of more information. Vicky’s social media presence, together with company sponsorships, paid promotions, and advertising, is the primary source of her net worth. She is a well-known rapper and social media star from Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. Wow, Vicky is proof positive that you can become famous suddenly through social media. After publishing some amusing and engaging videos and posts on Instagram, she quickly received big ratings and a fanned following.

Woah Vicky has been engrossing her followers on Instagram ever since. She posts humorous content on her Instagram feed that draws inspiration from memes and lifestyle-related topics. On her handle, she has more than 3.1 million followers. Following her breakup with Danielle Bregoli of “Cash Me Outside” fame and her media exposure, Vicky rose to controversy.
As of 2023, Woah Vicky, also known as Victoria Waldrip, is expected to have a net worth of $2 million. Vicky has a sizable fan base not only on Instagram but also on TikTok, where she has about 7 million followers, and YouTube, where she has 1.14 million subscribers.

Woah Vicky Net Worth

She became a self-made millionaire at the age of 22. In 2023, Woah Vicky is expected to have a net worth of $2 million. All of her assets and earnings over the years make up her net worth. Although her salary isn’t publicly disclosed, it’s easy to assume that, as an American rapper and rather well-known celebrity, she makes more than $100,000 annually.

Name Woah Vicky
Net Worth (2023) $2 Million
Profession YouTuber
Monthly Income And Salary $10000 +
Yearly Income $100000 +
Endorsements $40000 +
Real Estate $600000
Investments $500000
Last Updated 2023

Woah Vicky Biography

Woah Vicky, whose real name is Victoria Waldrip, was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 7, 2000. She is African American by ethnicity. Her mother, Carla Johnson, stays at home, and her father, Steve Waldrip, is a prominent real estate developer in the area. She comes from a middle-class household. Additionally, Vicky has an older sister who is ten years older than her and lives away due to unsatisfactory relationships. She is presently working towards her goals in the fashion industry in New York. Her sister gained notoriety for starting her own line of fashionable clothing.
Vicky has finished her education at the high school in Marietta. But after receiving her Penn Foster high school diploma and homeschooling, she enrolled in a private long-distance learning programme. She also claimed in an interview that she is a resident of Zone 6, one of Atlanta’s riskiest and most violent neighbourhoods. Her former partner, Papi JJ, disputes the assertion, arguing that she actually lives in the Atlanta district of Buckhead rather than Zone 6.
Wоаh wаѕ оnсе аrrеѕtеd іn 2018 оn trеѕраѕѕіng сhаrgеѕ аnd аѕѕаult оn а lаw enforcement officer. The latter was released because of bail and is currently free from any charges.

Net Worth $2 Million
Name Victoria Waldrip
Age 23 Years
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known
Profession Social Media Personality
Date of Birth March 07, 2000
Birthplace Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Nationality American
Income $100K+ (per yr)
Spouse Single

Woah Vicky Ethnicity

Oh my Vicky’s ethnicity has generated a lot of discussion and controversy. She is white, but she has previously claimed to be African American. Vicky’s mother is Caucasian, but her father is African American. Her assertions to be a member of the black community, meanwhile, have drawn criticism and charges of cultural appropriation. Vicky has said throughout the past few years that she considers herself to be a white woman.

Woah Vicky Nationality

Woah Vicky is an American national, as was previously established. She has lived in the United States for the majority of her life, having been born and reared in Atlanta, Georgia. Even if Vicky has made controversial remarks and actions, her identity and roots are deeply ingrained in her native nation. Her American identification has served as a catalyst for her rise to prominence in the music industry and on social media.

Woah Vicky Career

Woah Vicky’s social media presence has played a major role in her career. Because of her controversial remarks and actions, she developed a following on social media sites such as YouTube and Instagram. Vicky has, meanwhile, also followed a career in music, putting out a number of singles and music videos. Although her music has received mixed reviews, it is evident that she is committed to becoming well-known in the entertainment world.

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