Who founded CLSA?

CLSA was founded in 1986 by Jim Walker and Gary Coull, two former journalists who focused on ‘the story’.

Is CLSA a good company?

CLSA is a great company. I have had great opportunities to learn and develop over the years. It also has reasonably good work-life balance. Flat management structure, which has allowed for me to be exposed to a wide range of challenges and people across the firm.

What do you think Citic Securities do?

CITIC Securities Co., Ltd. is a Chinese full-service investment bank. It offers services in underwriting, research, brokerage, asset management, wealth management, and investment advisory.

Is CLSA an investment bank?

CLSA is an award-winning institutional brokerage and investment group. For over 30 years, we have built our reputation on providing global institutional investors and leading corporations unrivalled insights, superior execution and access to capital.

Is CITIC Securities state owned?

CITIC Limited (SEHK: 267) is one of China’s largest conglomerates with businesses in comprehensive financial services, advanced intelligent manufacturing, advanced materials, new consumption and new-type urbanisation. CITIC Group Corporation, a Chinese state-owned enterprise, owns 58% of CITIC Limited.

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What does Ficc stand for?

The Fixed Income Clearing Corporation (FICC) is a regulatory agency that deals with the confirmation, settlement, and delivery of fixed-income assets in the U.S. The FICC ensures the systematic and efficient settlement and clearing of U.S. government securities and mortgage-backed security (MBS) transactions in the …

Is Citic owned by the Chinese government?

Established in 1979 to help pilot Deng Xiaoping’s economic reforms, Citic Group is a ministerial level financial conglomerate directly overseen by China’s State Council. That means it sits above Huarong in the nation’s complex hierarchy of government ministries and state-owned enterprises.

Is Citic largest company in China?

Company Background Citic is China’s largest state-run conglomerate. It is engaged in a wide variety of businesses, from property development to heavy industry to resources, though its primary focus is the financial sector, including banking and securities.

What are FICC products?

What is FICC Trading? It includes buying and selling of securities in both cash and derivative instruments for interest-rate products, credit products, mortgages, currencies and commodities. Investment banks usually maintain a portfolio of FICC securities to meet clients’ trading demand.

What is Ficc sponsored repo?

Sponsored repo is a transaction in which a dealer sponsors non-dealer counterparties onto Fixed Income Clearing Corporation’s (FICC) cleared repo platform – a system that matches and nets repo trades in U.S. government debt.

Who owns Citic limited?

In December 2011, CITIC Limited was incorporated as a joint stock limited company in China, 100% owned by CITIC Group Corporation which itself is owned by the Ministry of Finance.

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Is Citic Group listed?

CITIC Limited (Chinese: 中國中信股份有限公司) is a conglomerate headquartered in Hong Kong. Its shares are listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and it is a constituent of the Hang Seng Index.

What do FICC trader do?

They are generally in charge of executing both buy and sell orders and transactions for themselves or, if they work for an investment firm, for their clients. Because they often deal with high volumes when they trade, they normally provide a great deal of the liquidity in the market.

Is Citadel self clear?

Citadel Securities is a leading market maker in USD and EUR Interest Rate Swaps on Bloomberg and Tradeweb. The firm is the first non-bank to make markets on direct-to-client platforms and to become an LCH self-clearing member.

What is FICC GSD?

The Government Securities Division (GSD) of Fixed Income Clearing Corporation (FICC) is the leading provider of trade comparison, netting and settlement for the Government securities marketplace.

Are rates part of FICC?

More Focus on “The Macro” – Since FICC includes products such as FX, commodities, and government bonds, you’ll get more questions about GDP, interest rates, yield curves, inflation, monetary policy, exchange rates, and so on. You must understand how these factors influence the markets.


FICC is the only central counterparty (CCP) platform in the U.S. that clears tri-party repo and debt transactions.

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What is sponsored service?

The Sponsored Service provides Sponsoring Members with the ability to offset on their balance sheets their obligations to FICC on Sponsored Member Trades with their Sponsored Members against their obligations to FICC on other eligible FICC-cleared activity, including trades with other Netting Members.

What is repo clearing?

LCH’s triparty basket repo clearing service enables members to more efficiently manage their euro cash liquidity, while allowing clients to pool highly-rated sovereign and agency general collateral trades with eligible investment-grade debt.