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What is Receiptify, Use, It’s Social Media Sharing, and How To Create Receiptify On Spotify

Despite the fact that many lament the existence of social media and what it has become, it does, believe it or not, offer advantages. It has made it possible for friends and family who are dispersed throughout the nation to stay in touch on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. It enables the exchange of images, cooking instructions, and yes, even music. There are many people out there that just love to share music that is consistent with the day they are having, whether it be new music, old music, amusing music, or sad music. Through a well-known app called Receiptify, users are expressing their musical preferences in an unexpected way. What is this app, and why has it gained popularity once more? Read the full article below

What is Receiptify?

On the website Receiptify, you can view your top-played songs from three different time periods, including all time, the previous six months, and the preceding month.

The Creator of this website is Michelle Liu (@fullcontrol), who tweeted on September 20 that they “had the urge to make something today so I spent the day coding this! It generates a “receipt” based on your most played tracks on Spotify :)) you can check it out at”

Which gets 36,000 likes and 31,000 retweets on Twitter

According to the website for Receiptify, the Instagram account @albumreceipts, which prints entire albums on receipts with various patterns, served as inspiration. The owner of that Instagram account is a digital artist named Melody You.

How we use it.

  • First, you need to visit the website of Receiptify i.e. Receiptify website.
  • You can directly log in with your Spotify account, or Apple Music.
  • After that, you can click on various options to see what time of receipt you want to see?, such as Top Track of Last Month, Last Six Months, or All Time.
  • Then you will the list of your most played song of that time.


Wait a moment. Are you saying you have no idea what Spotify is? How is that possible? Currently, it is perhaps the most widely used music streaming service worldwide.

For those of us who may have been living under a rock, Spotify is a music streaming service that has been operating for more than 16 years. Two Swedish men, Daniel Ek, a current billionaire, and Sven Hans Martin Lorentzen, are credited for creating it. In February 2010, the two introduced the well-liked music streamer to the UK. It took over a year and a half for it to reach the United States.

When Spotify originally arrived on our shores, it gave users a six-month ad-supported trial during which time they could stream an unlimited quantity of music for free. Listeners would only be permitted to stream music for ten hours per month and five plays per song once the free trial period ended. What?! That much is true. Thankfully, Spotify quickly abandoned that strategy and adopted the structure that is used today. You may listen to any music as many times as you like with a free membership, however, there will be some advertisements every 4–7 plays. You may now subscribe for their premium subscription, which removes all adverts; the first month is free, and subsequent months cost $9.99.

Now that we are aware of what Spotify is, connecting to your account is easy. Receiptify also features a button that will link to your Spotify account, as we previously discussed. When you click that, a window will appear asking you to sign in to your Spotify account. The software will swiftly scan your account after you’ve done this to generate your top ten list. You may select the timeframe you wish to scan using Receiptify. You have the option to display your top 10 songs from the previous month, the previous six months, or all time on Spotify.

Is Receiptify Safe?

Receiptify is absolutely secure. Your personal information is protected since the uses the official Spotify API to connect to your Spotify account. It only gets the source of information from Spotify. Recieptify is secure since it doesn’t have access to any other kind of data on your smartphone (such as pictures, messages, applications, etc.). On the opt-in page, you can view the rights that users are sharing. Only tracks and open data are provided.

Does Receiptify Work For Apple Music?

Receiptify does indeed function for Apple as well. When clicking “Apple Music,” if nothing happens, you must first enable pop-ups in Safari (iOS.). It’s a very easy procedure.

How to make Apple pop-ups available

  • Visit Receiptify’s website.
  • Tap Safari -> Preferences -> Websites in the menu bar.
  • Select “Pop-up Windows” from the menu’s bottom.
  • Click “Allow”

You’re all set to go once you’ve completed these steps. Receiptify Apple Music’s amazing feature is that there isn’t a great substitute. No other software can accomplish what Receiptify for Apple Music does!…..Consider it… The closest thing to Apple Music Wrapped is Replay, but it’s not that good. The preferred method is Receiptify Apple