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Vena’s Happy Place THC Drink Gets the Thumbs-Up from Jeff Lewis

With many people turning to CBD and THC products over recent years, the range of options has widened. Consumers can now enjoy accessing a variety of CBD products, and one that has proven very popular is the range of Happy Place THC drinks from Vena, which was co-founded by Tamra Judge from the Real Housewives of Orange County.

In fact, one of the latest well-known names to give Happy Place the thumbs-up is Jeff Lewis, who is a reality TV star and a celebrity real estate tycoon. With his hectic schedule and busy lifestyle, Jeff has become a firm fan of these Vena drinks. It was Tamra who introduced Jeff to the world of CBD in the first place with Vena’s sleep-centric capsules. After trying them, Jeff said that he slept really well.

The tycoon, who was born and raised in Orange County, has now had the chance to try the hugely popular Happy Place drinks from Vena, which are designed to make people feel more uplifted and balanced. He was very impressed with his experience, although he admitted that he was surprised by the flavors.

He said, “I recently purchased the variety pack. Surprisingly, what I imagined would be my favorite (passion fruit) was my least favorite, while what I thought would be my least favorite (black cherry) was my favorite! The grapefruit is pretty good too.”

A Host of Benefits

Jeff isn’t the only one to be impressed with these THC drinks from Vena, as they have received huge numbers of great reviews from consumers. The drinks offer a wide range of benefits, such as helping to reduce anxiety, avoiding hangovers, combatting dehydration, and helping to reduce the risk of alcohol-related aging. At the same time, they enable you to feel more relaxed, sociable, and uplifted but without the need to turn to alcohol.

The amount of Happy Place you drink can also impact how you feel, just like alcohol but without the nasty side effects. For example, one can of the drink will help you to feel more relaxed and chilled out. Two cans can make you feel uplifted and buzzed. With three cans, you can look forward to a euphoric feeling, which is great if you want to have fun and get creative.

According to Jeff, the drinks are perfect for those who want to get buzzed and feel relaxed without having to cope with the side effects of alcohol. This means no more hangovers, feeling sick, or passing out – and no more worries about your liver taking a battering from heavy alcohol consumption.

While Jeff finds these drinks perfect because of his hectic lifestyle and schedule, they have been given the seal of approval by people from all walks of life. Even those with less active lifestyles have been able to benefit from the effects of these drinks – and the range of delicious flavors and great taste is an added bonus for those who seek that feel-good factor.