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The Top People Search Sites Out There

There are several people search sites on the web, but it’s important to choose the right one for your needs. Some of the best sites offer comprehensive background checks and comprehensive criminal records. The following articles provide an overview of some popular people search sites. They are Intellius, TruePeopleSearch, InfoTracer, and PeepLookup.


Intellius is a people search engine that offers users the ability to find background information on just about anyone. While the site does offer some free services, most of the information is behind a paywall. However, even free information can be quite useful. For example, a user can enter a name and location to find out if there are any public records associated with that person. The site also provides access to a reverse phone lookup tool, which can be used to find out who is behind a given phone number. In addition, Intellius also offers a property search tool, which can be used to find out more about a given piece of real estate. Overall, Intellius is a valuable resource for anyone looking to conduct a people search.

Free People Search

If you’re looking for someone, whether it’s an old friend, a long-lost relative, or anyone else, can help you find them. All you need is a name and an approximate location, and will search millions of public records to try to find a match. If there’s a match, you’ll be able to see basic information about the person, including their current address and phone number. You can also purchase additional information, such as a full background report. is one of the largest public records databases in the world, and it’s constantly being updated with new information. So if you’re looking for someone, it’s definitely worth checking out


There are hundreds of people search sites available on the Internet. TruePeopleSearch is one of them. It has more than five billion users, and a large portion of them are on social media. The search engine aggregates data to build detailed profiles. It can help you find almost anyone you’re looking for. Its search capabilities are particularly useful if you’ve lost touch with a friend or relative.

Its service works by pulling information from social media profiles and public records. The data is sourced from reputable sources. In addition to this, it reports on criminal records and job histories. This makes it a good choice for people looking for a nanny or a tutor. However, if you’re interested in conducting a more thorough background check on someone, Intelius is a better choice.


With more than a million satisfied customers and an excellent 4.3/5 rating on Trustpilot, InfoTracer is one of the most popular people search sites. Its extensive database contains extensive public records and offers a wide range of search parameters. This means that you can narrow your search results to a specific person or family, saving you time and money. For example, you can use the VIN search feature to find the owner of a car involved in a car accident, while name search is good for reconnecting with long-lost family.

The reports on these people search sites are some of the best available, displaying information in chronological order. It’s easy to see a person’s life history, and the left-panel menu makes it easy to navigate to different sections of the report. If you only need basic reports on someone, then these sites are excellent choices.


PeepLookup is one of the leading people search sites available on the web. It is free to use, and it lets you find out detailed information on a person’s public records. Simply enter the full name of the person to be searched into PeepLookup’s form. The site then performs a deep web search using information available from thousands of publicly available data sources.

One of the benefits of using a people search site is that the information on a report is easy to read and understand. The information is laid out in a chronological timeline, which makes it easy to understand the history of a person. Users can also navigate sections of the report easily using the left-panel menu. PeepLookup is one of the best people search sites for basic reports, and has a lot of good user reviews.


BeenVerified is an online resource that uses public records to identify individuals. The service offers both free and paid subscription plans. The latter will give you access to unlimited lookups and searches. The site also includes features that allow you to do background checks on a person.

BeenVerified is a people search website that was founded in 2007. The company is based in New York and has been in business for ten years. They are constantly updating their database with new records. You can search by address, name, phone number, email, social media username, vehicle, and more. BeenVerified is one of the top places to find public records about people.

Using a people search site can help you find lost friends, relatives, or employees. They can also help you run background checks on new employees. The best sites are able to pull up data from state and federal data sources. With these, you can get detailed reports about anyone in the United States.


These are just some of the top people search sites out there. While there are many other good ones, these should give you a good place to start. Just remember to use them responsibly and not to violate anyone’s rights.