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Ron DeSantis Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, Career, Height & More

In 2023, it is predicted that American politician Ron DeSantis will have a net worth of $55 million. Since 2019, Florida has been led by American politician and attorney Ron DeSantis. One of the richest governors in the US is Ron DeSantis. As governor, DeSantis is paid a set salary from the Florida State Treasury of $215,000. The best high-end automobiles and timepieces are owned by Ron DeSantis. Note: Some of the wealth information below was crowdsourced, and it belongs to both DeSantis and his spouse.

Ron DeSantis Net Worth

The total wealth of Ron DeSantis is $55 million. As a result of his commercial endeavours and financial backing from wealthy benefactors, DeSantis’ net worth is anticipated to surpass $100 million during the coming years. Given the financial powerhouse he has established for himself, DeSantis is certain to prevail in the forthcoming elections in Florida.

Net Worth $55 Million
Governor Salary $215,000
Other Income $5 Million
Assets & Investments $28 Million
Donations Received $8 Million
Taxes Paid $4 Million
Loans and mortgages $3 Million
Taxes Paid $135,000
Monthly Expense $300,000
Approval Rating 49%
House Properties 5
Weight 198 lbs (90 kg)

Ron DeSantis Car Collection

Recently, Ron DeSantis paid $41,000 USD for a brand-new Lexus GX. A $90,000 Land Rover Velar is also owned by Ron DeSantis. Below is a list of some additional vehicles in Ron DeSantis’ collection.

  • Lexus ES
  • Chevrolet El Camino SS 1970
  • Audi RS Q8
  • Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 1965
  • 1961 Jaguar E-Type

Ron DeSantis House

DeSantis has limited real estate investments despite living in his official home. Under his wife’s name, Ron DeSantis is the owner of one of the priciest homes in Jacksonville, Florida. This property is a 7,000-square foot mansion with two pools and five bathrooms. Ron DeSantis paid $8 million for his home, which now has a $22 million market value. The characteristics of this Prussian-style home are as follows:

  • 2 Swimming Pools
  • 7 Bedrooms
  • 8 Bathrooms
  • 1,000 Wine Cellar
  • Gigantic Dining Room
  • Tennis Court
  • Home Theater

Ron DeSantis Watch Collection

Numerous affluent donors have sent Ron DeSantis expensive and antique timepieces throughout the years. The timepieces that Ron DeSantis has are listed below.

  • Roger Dubuis – $260,000 USD
  • Girard Perregaux – $160,000 USD
  • Grand Seiko – $30,000 USD

Stock Portfolio of Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis has stock market investments (under his wife’s name). Since 2010, Ron DeSantis has been trading in equities. Ron DeSantis favours investing in the equities of businesses in the government-regulated industries of manufacturing, energy, and automobiles. The stocks in Ron DeSantis’s portfolio are listed below.

  1. Chevron
  2. Pfizer
  3. Texas Instruments
  4. Pepsi Co
  5. ConocoPhillips

Ron DeSantis Bio

The son of Ronald Daniel DeSantis and Karen (née Rogers), Ronald Dion DeSantis was born in Jacksonville, Florida, on September 14, 1978. After earning a B.A. magna cum laude in history from Yale in 2001, Ron DeSantis worked as a history teacher at the Darlington School for a year.

Military service of Ron DeSantis

In 2005, Ron DeSantis graduated from Naval Justice School. Later in the year, Ron DeSantis was appointed to the position of prosecutor in the JAG Trial Service Office Command South East at Naval Station Mayport, Florida. He was appointed by the U.S. Department of Justice to work as an assistant US attorney in the Middle District of Florida.

State lawmaker Fred Costello came in second with 23% of the vote, trailing Ron DeSantis by 39% in the six-candidate Republican primary. DeSantis defeated Democratic nominee Heather Beaven 57–43% in the general election, winning in all four counties.

Ron DeSantis Career

With outstanding accomplishments and a persistent commitment to public service, Ron DeSantis has had a remarkable career in politics. DeSantis has made an imprint on the political scene that will never be erased, from his early days as a lawyer to his current position as Florida’s 46th governor. DeSantis began his career in public service after earning his law degree from Harvard by serving as a judge advocate general in the U.S. Navy. He developed his leadership abilities and earned priceless experience while serving in the military.

DeSantis’ political career began in 2012, when he was chosen to serve Florida’s 6th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives. He showed a strong dedication to conservative values while serving in Congress, pushing for reduced taxes, minimal government involvement, and a strong national defence.

DeSantis planned to run for governor of Florida in 2018. He won the job by running on a conservative platform and making promises of increased economic growth and better education. DeSantis has put into effect a number of laws and programmes since entering office with the intention of furthering his agenda and serving the needs of his citizens.

DeSantis has received both praise and condemnation for his choices and deeds over the course of his career. But his uncompromising adherence to his beliefs and his capacity for relating to his supporters have cemented his status as an important player in American politics.

DeSantis has proven his capacity to lead and effect change at every stage of his career. His accomplishments are a monument to his perseverance and commitment to public service, and the direction of his career has had an impact on Florida politics as well as American politics generally.

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