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Myrla and Gil Are Still Married: Myrla Claims Gil’s ‘Dishonesty’ Led to Her Decision to End Their Marriage

Today, we are going to discuss Myrla and Gil Are Still Married: Myrla Claims Gil’s ‘Dishonesty’ Led to Her Decision to End Their Marriage

Strong couples like Myrla Feria and Gil Cuero from Married at First Sight season 13 were well-liked.

Both experts and fans pondered what could have gone so wrong with a relationship that started off so right following the couple’s sudden breakup.

In an exclusive interview, Myrla eventually revealed more details about what actually happened between her and her picture-perfect husband, Gil.

As Myrla revealed in the tell-all, which is available to view here, there was more to the story than what was initially visible to the eye—or the cameras.

Myrla claimed that many of the interactions with Gil that ended their relationship happened off-camera. She also mentioned that, due to editing, some of the things said on camera were left out of the final product.
When we last saw the couple swooning over each other on Decision Day, they were one of only two couples in the entire season to decide to stay married, so many viewers were very perplexed by the couple’s abrupt separation.

However, during the MAFS reunion special, Gil admitted that Myrla abruptly broke up with him and asked him to move out just two short weeks after Decision Day.

Gil was completely unprepared, and he had nowhere to stay. he revealed on the special that he had cancelled his lease and that almost all of his belongings had been sold. Gil told his version of the story throughout the show, while Myrla remained silent and displayed an impassive demeanour. She didn’t “go back and forth” with him throughout the special, despite the fact that she disagreed with a number of his opinions.

Gil sobbed as he described what had occurred, but Myrla made no further comments regarding what might have led to the couple’s separation.

But Myrla Has Now Spoken up About What Actually Occurred

Although there were few arguments between the two throughout the season, one subject that did come up frequently was money. Myrla made a lot more money than her new husband, and she had a far different attitude toward money than Gil did. Myrla enjoyed the finer things in life, and she filled her life with exotic travel and pricey shoes, whereas Gil preferred to keep things simple.

Gil frequently referred to Myrla as a “brat” and a “diva,” and although she gave the impression that she didn’t mind during the season, in her tell-all interview, she said the nicknames hurt her more than she had previously admitted.
The name-calling, according to Myrla, was not something she enjoyed, and she also mentioned that she was quite angry to learn that he had been doing it behind her back with other cast members. She believed that because she had to work hard to maintain her lifestyle, she was not a “brat.” She believed Gil’s financial stability was insufficient to support her lifestyle and long-term objectives.

Myrla also admitted that although she had grown more attracted to Gil throughout the season, their chemistry had never fully materialized. She continued by saying that she had mentioned all of these concerns to Gil after Decision Day, but he had not taken them seriously or had responded poorly, making her feel uncomfortable in the marriage. She avoided going into specifics but did circle back to the finances and how she learned some information about them that had not been made available to her during the season.

Could Gil Be Hiding Some Debt from You?

Myrla said nothing further. She did, however, offer one more piece to the puzzle when she said that the reports about her and fellow cast member Johnny Lam being in a relationship were untrue and that they were simply good friends.

She said Gil should not be surprised that she and Johnny are still close because he was aware of their relationship.

It is wonderful to at least have some closure regarding what caused the unexpected breakup between the MAFS season 13 golden pair, even though it seems that all the specifics of what ended things between Myrla and Gil will still remain a secret.

The number of couples for season 13 has decreased to half as a result of the breakup of Myrla and Gil. Jose San Miguel and Rachel Gordillo, who were cohabiting, are reportedly still working to patch things up. We do, however, have season 14 and a fresh slate of potential partners to look forward to. Let’s just hope that their stories end better than Gil and Myrla’s did.

Gil was heartbroken over the split and claimes he was blindsided

Gil’s shocking announcement that the two were no longer dating shocked the host and viewers at the Season 13 reunion special. For their marriage, he claimed to have sold his possessions and moved into a cohabiting apartment with Myrla. However, he asserts that after two weeks, she came home and declared her love for him and her desire for a divorce.
Myrla revealed everything about her first interview following the reunion in an exclusive interview with RealitTV and Bee. She asserts that it is untrue that Gil felt surprised.
“I was direct and truthful. “Unfortunately, the conversations we had off-camera aren’t all shown to the viewers,” she said. In the end, she says what the two wanted and where they were in their lives were not the same.

She continued, “The rest of the conversation that you didn’t get to see with experts and Gil was, “In the end, my emotions showed me that our life aspirations and our values, coupled with a lack of financial stability, were not aligned.” ” I said, “I shared my concerns, but you shut me down and dismissed my feelings in a disrespectful manner,” because I was in a place where I felt cut off.

Myrla says Gil was dishonest about his finances

Outside of intimacy, Myrla and Gil’s main point of contention was money. Gil and Myrla both had successful careers. Myrla is a leadership coach, and Gil works as a firefighter. Myrla, on the other hand, enjoys splurging on life’s “finer things,” such as designer clothing and opulent vacations. Gil omitted.
Myrla stated: “I was not willing to compromise on God-fearing or financial stability, meaning someone who knew how to handle their finances and was in a financially similar place as me (healthy savings, investments, retirement, and spending within their means),” she added. “Ideally, I wanted someone in my situation financially,” she said.
Unfortunately, she claims that after Decision Day, she learned that Gil had kept certain financial information from her. Gil revealed during the reunion that Myrla and he actually receive paychecks totaling $100 extra each.

Following decision day, she remarked, “I became aware of several things that I was not okay with.” Gil and I discussed this topic and how it made me feel on several occasions. He didn’t perceive or accept himself in a way that would foster respect and trust in a marriage. There was also some dishonesty, as I found out. I decided to end the marriage as a result of all of these factors.

The ‘MAFS’ alum also says she didn’t like Gil teasing her

Gil’s persistent mocking of Myrla was another problem for her. Although she gave the impression that she didn’t mind when they joked around on the show, she says that there were some remarks that bothered her. Gil would often make fun of her for being ostentatious, princess-like, and demanding.
“I tried to make this not a problem, but it eventually reached the point where it did disturb me.” “Looking back, I should have been more direct in urging him to stop calling me those things,” she admitted. “Usually, that doesn’t bother me.” But when I found out that he was also saying these things to others while I wasn’t around, it upset me. As you can see, I was unaware of this information because I never called him any names.

“I can identify actions I don’t like, but I didn’t enter this process expecting to resort to name-calling,” she said. It was unfamiliar to me, and it was a crude form of expression on his part.

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