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Marketing platforms for display advertising

In today’s world, digital media is becoming increasingly popular. Buying and selling take place on the global network, so a large amount of money is spent on advertising. Programmatic advertising takes up about 70% of the budget, increasing every year.

Programmatic advertising platform is not just Google and Facebook. This is a set of software solutions that ensure the growth of brand popularity. The platforms are suitable for video or audio, picture ads, television, and so on.

For advertising to work more effectively, you need to set it up properly. If you can’t do it yourself, you can turn to specialists. The advertising results will be much better and costs will be reduced.

Factors to consider

Choosing the right platform starts with developing a strategy. When you understand exactly what result is needed, you can start studying software products. The software that can handle the amount of data required, as well as conduct a thorough analysis, will be the best choice. The first option is a full-cycle advertising campaign. The second is to create synergy with the marketing team so that people can achieve their planned goals faster.

Creating a targeting strategy begins with:

  • defining a portrait of the target audience;
  • identifying the clients’ “pains”;
  • choosing platforms that customers use.

You can analyze information from past promotions. This will help create ads that will be shown to a circle of people who are interested in it.

If you prefer a creative approach, but cannot come up with a creative solution, it is worth contacting an advertising agency. Define goals that will be met through the use of specific visuals and articles (or short text). Attractive advertising will help motivate customers to cooperate with your company. You will immediately see an increase in conversions. Don’t forget to conduct A/B tests to properly set up your ads and launch the one that delivers the best results.

How the advertising platform works

You can buy or sell advertising space in real-time. Operational communication with a marketer who wants to publish an advertisement on the network is provided. The platform will work as follows:

  • the customer navigates to the website page;
  • the data is collected and the user’s behavior is investigated;
  • the advertiser determines the cost of showing the ad;
  • the one who offered the maximum price publishes the advertisement.

The software program must run in the background so that the processes don’t stop even for a minute. There are several types of services – some are demand-driven, and others are application-driven. There are those who manage the data.

The most commonly used platforms are those with offers. They collect information and transfer it to the advertising exchange. Next, the data enters the platform from the demand side, after which the auction begins to show each promotional offer.

How to choose the best advertising platform

Start by setting a budget for your ad campaign. Then move on to goal setting and prioritizing. Determine the way in which the software platform will help meet your goals.

Proceed to choose the company that will offer the best software. There are several parameters to consider:

  • location of the company (to be able to visit the office or contact only by phone);
  • content on the official site (most often, a lot of interesting advertising materials are published on the pages);
  • work experience.

Contact the advertising company whose platform seemed more attractive. Discuss the situation in person. If you can agree on all the nuances and achieve a positive result after you start working with the service, it remains to settle the details and proceed with the deployment of the desired strategy.

Pay attention to the communication manner of company representatives. They should be interested in solving your questions. If their goal is to make a profit, the advertising campaign will not show a decent result.

Specify how many clients each manager has to work with. If they solve a large number of issues at the same time, the quality can noticeably suffer. The team should be focused on the result of each project – this will allow you to use the budget wisely and not face problems after the launch of a marketing campaign.

Regular calls or face-to-face meetings with company representatives can help ensure that your project is well underway. If the specifics of your activity are new to employees, try to explain the most important aspects. This will allow you to correctly choose a marketing strategy and focus on the target audience while working.

The platform must have the appropriate tools to help meet the expectations of each client. The result from the first day of launching an advertisement campaign is a myth, in order to get the necessary return, advertising must work constantly. Gradually you will see an increase in conversions. Traffic will increase, as will the number of potential buyers.

Pay attention to the chosen strategy. If it seems perfect, it will still need to be adjusted over time. It all depends on the customer behavior, and the way they interact with the target audience. The success of a marketing campaign with a software solution is inevitable if you don’t forget about continuous improvement.