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Josh Hartnett Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, Career, Height & More

Jeremy Hartnett On this page, you can check his net worth, biography, wife, height, weight, age, and many other facts. Josh Hartnett, an American actor and producer, has a $30 million fortune. Hartnett received praise for his performances in well-known films like “Black Hawk Down,” “Lucky Number Slevin,” and “Pearl Harbour.” Before transitioning to acting, Hartnett started out in the entertainment industry as a model.

Josh made an appearance in the “Penny Dreadful” Showtime series from 2014 to 2016. With his breakthrough performance in “Halloween H20: 20 Years Later,” Hartnett made a name for himself as a rising Hollywood star. Josh Hartnett has achieved success in both film and television, and he has received nominations for his highly regarded performances.

Josh Hartnett Net Worth

Hartnett current net worth of an astounding $30 million is a testament to his brilliance and dedication. Josh is not only a successful actor but also a successful producer who has produced many critically acclaimed films. Josh has achieved incredible feats both on and off the screen, earning him a well-deserved spot among Hollywood’s best performers.

Name Josh Hartnett
Profession Entertainer, Actor and Producer
Yearly Income $3 Million +
Monthly Income $3,00,000 +
Net Worth (2023) $30 Million

Josh Hartnett Assets

Josh Hartnett sold his 4,100-square-foot Los Angeles home to film producer Lucy Bidwell for $4.43 million in July 2020 after purchasing it for $4.65 million in 2016. He also advertised a Minneapolis home for $2.3 million in 2015 and his New York City penthouse for $4.25 million in 2017.
Actor Josh owns a number of expensive vehicles thanks to his wealth, but his finest car for commuting within the city and nearby is the silver BMW M4, which costs $80,000.

Josh Hartnett Biography

Hartnett, an American actor, was born on July 21st, 1978, in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Prior to enrolling in the Conservatory of Theatre Arts and Film at SUNY Purchase, he graduated from South High School.

Full Name Joshua Daniel Hartnett
Nick Name Josh Hartnett
Date of birth 21 July 1978
Age 44 years old
Birthplace Saint Paul, Minnesota
Nationality American
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height 6’3″
Weight 87 kg
Education South High School
Parents  Wendy Anne Hartnett, Daniel Hartnett
Siblings Joe Hartnett, Jake Hartnett, Jessica Hartnett
Profession Entertainer, Actor, and Producer
Net Worth $30 Million

Josh Hartnett nationality

Actor Josh Hartnett was born in San Francisco, California, on July 21, 1978. As a result, he is an American citizen. His identity is deeply established in the United States, despite the fact that his ancestors can be traced to a number of different countries, including German, Irish, and Swedish.

The term “nationality” refers to a person’s legal and political connection to a certain nation, which is frequently established by elements like place of birth, parentage, or naturalisation. Josh Hartnett’s birthplace of San Francisco confirms that he is an American citizen. This indicates that he is a citizen and is entitled to all the rights and privileges that go along with it.

Josh Hartnett career

Josh Hartnett’s career is a tapestry made of his adaptability and love of making unorthodox decisions. Hartnett began a spectacular path that has seen him thrive in a range of roles and genres on July 21, 1978, in San Francisco, California.

In the late 1990s, Hartnett made a breakthrough that caught the interest of both audiences and business executives. He immediately rose to stardom due to his menacing good looks and obvious magnetism. His on-screen charisma was demonstrated by his roles in films like “Pearl Harbour” (2001) and “Black Hawk Down” (2001).

Josh Hartnett, however, deliberately chose to explore nontraditional projects and demanding roles, which caused his career to diverge from the standard Hollywood path. This purposeful detour gave him the chance to show off his acting versatility and discover lesser-known films that pushed the envelope and confounded expectations.

Hartnett showed his dedication to his craft in films like “Lucky Number Slevin” (2006), “The Black Dahlia” (2006), and “30 Days of Night” (2007) by engrossing himself in complicated characters and complex themes. He became known as a talented actor who was willing to take chances thanks to the critical accolades his performances received.

Josh Hartnett Top Hit Movies

  • Pearl Harbor (2001)
  • Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre (2023)
  • Black Hawk Down (2001)
  • The Faculty (1998)
  • Lucky Number Slevin (2006)
  • 40 Days and 40 Nights (2002)

Josh Hartnett: Relationships & More

Three children have been born to Josh Hartnett and actress Tamsin Egerton since their relationship began in 2012. Along with Amanda Seyfried and Scarlett Johansson, he has dated many other actresses. Hartnett is a vegetarian and donates to a number of charities, including Global Cool and the Ad Council’s FWD campaign to raise awareness of the East African drought.

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