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Jonah Hill Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, Career, Awards & More

Jonah Hill has a $73 million-dollar net worth. An American actor, director, and comedian by the name of Jonah Hill. Jonah Hill is one of Hollywood’s highest-paid supporting actors and commands over $10 million per film. The majority of Jonah Hill’s wealth goes towards expensive mansions and vehicles. Jonah Hill just purchased his rumoured lover a massive $650,000 diamond ring. Exclusive information on Jonah Hill’s wealthy net worth and lavish lifestyle, as well as the assets and investments he possesses, is provided in this editorial.

Jonah Hill Net Worth (Forbes)

The American actor “Jonah Hill” is the best in the world and has a $73 million fortune. The most well-known American actor, Jonah Hill, estimated a net worth of about $73 million, according to a number of internet sites (Wikipedia, Forbes, and IMDB).

Net Worth $73 Million
Salary $8 Million
Annual income $12 Million
Taxes Paid $3.12 Million
Assets & Investments $35 Million
Cars Owned 4
House Properties 2
Yachts 2
Weight 187 lbs (85 Kg)

Disclaimer: The information above was compiled from public tax records and other reliable sources.

Jonah Hill Salary

Movie Name Salary
War Dogs $10 Million
22 Jump Street $6 Million
Moneyball $5 Million
The Wolf of Wall Street $1 Million

How many cars does Jonah Hill have?

Jonah Hill has six high-end vehicles. Jonah Hill just paid $850,000 USD for a brand-new Ferrai GTC4. In addition, Jonah Hill owns a Mercedes-Benz G-Class that is valued at over $370,000 USD. Here is a list of all the other vehicles Jonah Hill has, along with their current pricing.

  • Porsche 911 – $280,000 USD
  • Audi A6 – $120,000 USD
  • Volvo XC60 – $110,000 USD

Jonah Hill House

In New York, Jonah Hill is the owner of more than two upscale properties. In Manhattan, Jonah Hill resides in a 6,000-square-foot, luxurious house. Jonah Hill paid the astronomical amount of $8 million USD for this property.

Jonah Hill Exclusive Information

Age 39 years old
Date of birth 20 December 1983
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, United States
Parents Richard Feldstein, Sharon Lyn Chalkin
Siblings Beanie Feldstein, Jordan Feldstein
Education The New School; Bard College; University of Colorado Boulder
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Favorite Actor Tom Hanks
Inspiration Nelson Mandela
Favorite Colour Yellow
Favorite Car Brand Jaguar
Pet name Picky
Favorite Sport Basketball
Favorite Music Artist Bruce Springsteen
Favorite Holiday Destination Brazil


‘I Heart Huckabees’, which Jonah Hill starred in in 2004, was the start of his acting career. His strong relationships later enabled him to obtain numerous roles in numerous films.
Alongside Seth Rogen, he had a brief appearance in “The 40-Year Old Virgin” and a supporting role in “Knocked Up.”

His breakthrough came in 2007, though, when he was cast in the smash comedy “Superbad. He received two MTV Movie Award nominations for the part, as well as one for a Teen Choice Award.

Hill appeared in films including “Get Him to the Greek” (2010), “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” (2008), and “Knocked Up” the year after.

Brad Pitt and Hill costarred in the 2011 film “Moneyball. He received glowing praise for his portrayal and was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar. ‘Allen Gregory’ was both written by him and performed in the same year.

Alongside Channing Tatum, Hill played one of the movie’s key characters in “21 Jump Street. He received a great deal of praise for the film.

Jonah received a second Oscar nomination in 2013 for his work with Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Wolf of Wall Street.”
The following year, Hill starred in the “21 Jump Street” prequel. He also made an appearance in the popular film “War Dogs,” for which he received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor.


Here are some of the best highlights of Jonah Hill’s career:

  • Superbad (Movie, 2007)
  • Get Him to the Greek (Movie, 2010)
  • 21 Jump Street (Movie, 2012)
  • The Wolf of Wall Street (Movie, 2013)
  • 22 Jump Street (Movie, 2014)
  • MTV Movie + TV Awards (Best Comedic Performance, 2014) – Won
  • War Dogs (Movie, 2016)
  • Golden Globes (Best Performance by an Actor, 2017) – Nominated
  • Mid90s (Movie, 2018)
  • CinemaCon (Vanguard award, 2018) – Won

Conclusion : Jonah Hill Net Worth

One of the busiest actors in Hollywood at the moment is Jonah Hill. Jonah Hill is now working on more than five films, so you can tell how busy he is. In the following two years, Jonah Hill’s net worth is anticipated to reach $100 million.

Jonah Hill is among the elite group of actors and commands a salary of roughly $10 million for each film. Jonah Hill has prospects in television in addition to his duties in the film industry.


What is Jonah net worth?

Jonah Hill has a $73 million USD net worth.

Is Jonah Hill a Millionaire?

Yes. Jonah Hill has a $73 million US net worth, making him a millionaire.

What is Jonah Hill salary for each movie?

$8 million for each film.

Who is Jonah Hill wife?

Jonah Hill is single.

What is Jonah Hill height?

5.55 feet and 1.7 metres.

What is Jonah Hill weight?

187 pounds (85 kg).

Who is Jonah Hill girlfriend?

Susan Brady

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