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Is Smite Guru the best SMITE-related destination? SMITE Guide!

Smite was first released to the public on May 31, 2012, in closed beta and moved to an open beta on January 24, 2013. The game was officially released on March 25, 2014. Around this time, Smite reached 3 million players in June of the same year, and then 4 million players.

Since the release of Smite in 2014, till now more than millions of hours have been played by players. Although never reached the heights of League of Legends and DOTA 2, Smite has always comfortably found an enthusiastic audience who wants to play third-person MOBAs.

Best destinations for smile related websites:



By far the most popular Smite website. SmiteGuru is a website that collects statistics, is also a database, and contains builds collected by the community. With over a couple of billion statistics collected since its launch, Smite Guru is Smite’s first destination for all. Interestingly, SmiteGuru also has the best player rankings on PC, PS4, and Xbox. So you can see who is currently playing well as a build. A very large amount of information you can get, it is insane!

Its website claims 17.39 Million players, and 15.6 Billion Stats Processed.



Smite strategy building, guides, databases. Smitefire does provide players with everything they need to improve their individual gods and playstyle gameplay. If you are looking for an all-in-one place, this is the best find for you.

Smite gg 

websitesmite gg/stats

You may learn what your current meta is, by looking at losses, wins, picks and ban rates in all ranks and modes of smite game.

 You may also dive well into individual positions to see your winning percentage and strength early or late in the game.

Smite Pro Builds


Looking for a professional build? This is the site for you. SmiteProBuilds, compiled by the community, allows players to view the builds they have used in SPL and find the gods, opponents, roles, and leagues the filter is looking for.

Smite game website, SMITE Website

website —

The Smite website itself hosts numerous Smite guides and Smite interviews in the esports part of the site. Some of these are very useful for new players and anyone wondering what has changed since the previous season. 

 There is also a guide to all the items in the game to help new players.


Whats new in Smite: Midseason?

MidSeason for SMITE Season 9 has already arrived and been a huge success!

In the mid-season update, they’re introducing an all-new item tree, earrings. These dazzling new items not only provide statistics, but also some of the wildest passive effects to decorate the battlefield of the gods! Add this stylish addition to SMITE, a new feature in the Season 9 Midseason Update, to increase project speed, cooldown caps and more!

What are the changes to diminishing returns, crowd control, etc?

 The Season 9 Midseason Update is working on a variety of changes and improvements to both Diminishing Returns (DR) and Crowd Control (CC), and is also harder to scale. Players can now see how many DR stacks they currently have, thanks to the new DR meter on the screen. Learn more about these changes! []

What are new god skins in

  • Danny Phantom Janus
  • XJ-9 Freya
  • Invader Zim Cupid
  • Powdered Toastman Gilgamesh
  • Rocko Danzaburou
  • The Crab Charybdis
  • The Maiden Eset
  • The Lion Heimdallr
  • The Scales Nemesis
  • Toxic Overload Achilles

These are just a few of the content that comes with the Season 9 Midseason Update. There are new items, new glyphs, new balances, and lots of new divine skins and cosmetics! Check out all this great content and more and live in SMITE now!

Is jav guru similar to smite guru?