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Is CEH Certification for Beginners?

It is more important than ever to enforce a safe and secure digital environment as the world develops quickly with technological and digital developments. Cybersecurity is crucial since there are more and more cyberattacks and cybercrimes every day. Cybersecurity is a highly competitive and difficult subject that requires a high level of technological understanding and experience in order to create and implement impermeable security measures across digital and online networks. It takes dedication and perseverance to achieve a career in this field.

Given the complexity level of the industry, it may appear a little daunting and scary for newcomers to figure out a career strategy. Although some exposure and experience would be beneficial, the learning process may appear difficult for a complete beginner. Numerous platforms provide a variety of beginner-level cyber security certificates in order to make studying simple for new candidates. These certification programs will greatly aid those who are new to the sector in picking up the necessary skill sets, and they will add valuable talent to their resumes. By obtaining the CEH certification, you may advance your career and enjoy a number of benefits, including high pay and work stability.

Let us go into the specifics of these certificates and their relevance.

What is CEH Certification?

Enrolling in an approved CEH v11 certification program is the first step in earning your CEH certificate. Your competence as a security expert will be assessed by the CEH certification exam. Your ability to spot flaws that could allow malevolent hackers access is evaluated. If you have a CEH certification, you may demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of hacking software, interference solutions, and penetration testing, in addition to being able to grasp and describe the strategies and ingenuity of a black hat hacker.

One is recognized as a CEH Master after successfully completing and clearing the CEH practical test. Being able to pass the CEH exam is the first requirement for certification as an ethical hacker. After passing the written exam, you can move on to the CEH exam, which consists of a 6-hour long practical examination. To be an ethical hacker, one must be knowledgeable about the subject. In this line of work, the most recent technological advances, approaches, and tools must be kept up with.

Prerequisites For CEH Certification – Is it Good For Beginners?

You must fulfill specific age and experience requirements in order to obtain a CEH certification. To take training classes and appear for the exam, candidates must be at least 18 years old. The exam comprises 125 multiple-choice questions and takes four hours to complete. In order to sit for the test, candidates must either complete recognized training programs or hold experience in a position linked to network security. As many occupations demand some level of computer programming experience, coding abilities are particularly helpful when searching for work as an ethical hacker after receiving certification.

While not mandatory for all information security positions, CEH certification might be useful for applicants who wish to highlight their expertise in this area. Candidates that have a CEH certification advance in their professions and make more money.

What Benefits Can You Expect From a CEH Certification?

Penetration testers can land their desired job by having their skill set evaluated as per industry norms with the aid of the CEH certification. Several justifications for obtaining your certification are provided below:

You Begin to Adopt a Hacker Mentality: By utilizing CEH to penetrate the mind of a cyber attacker, you could discover more about their cognitive process. You also get from this training the capacity to mimic threats and react to them far more swiftly than a layperson. By doing this, you may successfully counter the plans of hackers and be prepared for everything they may throw at you.

Your Skills Get Validated: Your ability to do penetration testing and your assurance that you adhere to industry standards may both be shown by obtaining a Certified Ethical Hacker credential. Obtaining a CEH certificate will help you lay the groundwork for the ethical hacking talents you have and present yourself as a trustworthy candidate for a variety of cybersecurity work requirements.

You Gain Knowledge of Hazards, Challenges, and Vulnerabilities: To stay up with evolving technology, cybercriminals frequently refresh their abilities. They swiftly pick up on new technology’s flaws, and they meticulously consider how to organize their strikes. You must regularly upgrade your knowledge and abilities to understand how hackers evaluate your network and defend against any potential attacks. . You can accomplish this by earning the CEH certification.

Enhances Job Stability: Given how quickly cybercrime is spreading, there is a constant demand for qualified cybersecurity specialists. A cyber security certification, including CEH, can help you bridge the skill gap in the market and increase your employability. Due to their help in evaluating businesses’ cybersecurity strategies and spotting potential holes before attackers can, ethical hackers who are certified are in high demand. You have an edge over other prospective employees because of this certificate. Due to the lower likelihood of layoffs or terminations during economic downturns among ethical hackers with certifications, it boosts your job security.

Get a Salary Raise After Acquiring Your CEH Certification: Because organizations are continually targeted by cybercriminals, the skills of an ethical hacker are always in great demand. The CEH exam covers every facet of hacking and will help you prepare for real-world employment settings. You can find better-paying employment prospects not just in your own country but also internationally by obtaining this certificate. An ethical hacker with more experience might expect a salary of $130k or more, whereas those with a CEH certification get an annual income of about $82,966.

Meets DOD Specifications: All of the DoD’s information assurance officers are required to obtain certification before managing sensitive data and upholding network security. If you are seeking a position with the Department of Defense (DoD), the CEH v11 certification can help you go ahead. The National Institute of Standards and Technology has determined that the CEH credential satisfies all requirements for employment in the armed forces and government. The abilities you need to succeed as a government employee are validated by the CEH certification, which is widely recognized.

Why Consider CEH For Your Career in Network Security?

  • Network evaluations that are now being conducted, penetration tests, and other risk analysis methods all make use of CEH.
  • Through ethical hacking, professionals receive training in five phases of processes. Every stage creates quantitative indicators to identify flaws. The Certified Ethical Hacker certificate is the only globally renowned credential that guarantees mastery in each of these aspects.
  • Data science is becoming an essential component of businesses all around the world. This emphasizes the need of having a solid data and information asset security framework in place.
  • Cybercrime risks and dangers have developed in tandem with the advancement of new technology and the emergence of fresh technologies. Ethical hacking is gradually becoming a required skill set for network security specialists rather than an alternative one.
  • It is predicted that the industry will grow exponentially over the next ten years as a result of the data outburst, which has increased opportunities for ethical hackers.
  • Organizations are aware of and concerned about the threat posed by cyber attackers. They’re constantly looking for skilled ethical hackers to protect their information and digital assets.


The CEH is probably the finest option for professional certification for security professionals who want to show their present or potential employer that they have the knowledge and abilities necessary to think like an adversary.

A cybersecurity expert will stand out from the crowd as someone with talents beyond merely adhering to established standards if they possess a CEH. Instead, they are someone who can come up with original ideas on how to outwit a foe. If you want to work in cybersecurity, getting your CEH v11 certification should be at the top of your priority list.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Can I take the CEH test without any training or experience?

Ans. Yes, as it is a foundational certification, you may sit for the Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) test without any prior knowledge.

  1. Who should obtain CEH certification?

Ans. The Certified Ethical Hacking training program or CEH certification will be very helpful to site administrators, security officers, auditors, security specialists, and anybody else who is worried about the security of the network infrastructure.

  1. How many chances are permitted for the CEH exam?

Ans. A candidate is limited to five attempts per exam in a given year. The day of the fifth failing exam retake would mark the beginning of this 12-month term. The candidate would then be qualified to repeat the test after a period of 12 months.

  1. Are there any passing criteria for the CEH certification exam?

Ans. You will be able to take the test online after the course if you decide to enroll in an officially approved comparable hacking training course. To successfully complete the test, you must receive at least 88 of the 125 right answers, or a score of at least 70%, out of a possible 125.

  1. Is CEH an easy exam to pass?

Ans. The CEH exam can be difficult, particularly for those who are relatively new to penetration testing, have never done a certification exam before, or are only beginning their exploration of the area of cyber security and/or information technology in general.

  1. Is CEH certified in high demand?

Ans. As more businesses want qualified security professionals to join their ranks, certified ethical hackers are in great demand. The CEH certification is the highest level of certification accessible to anybody interested in a career in ethical hacking, and it can help you secure a high-level post.

  1. What kind of salary can an ethical hacker expect?

Ans. In contrast to other industries, there are no fixed criteria for this profile; instead, everything relies on the requirements of the business and the candidates’ skill sets. A Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) degree earns a typical base salary of $82,966 per year, according to Payscale. In India, the median ethical hacking income is INR 5.02 lakh per year. Pay in this sector can range from INR 40 lakh to INR 40 lakh per year, based on experience, talents, and other criteria.

  1. Which country offers the best compensation to ethical hackers?

Ans. In Santa Clara, California, an ethical hacker with certification may make $119,289 per year. The highest pay that has been found across numerous locales is this one. If you hold more senior positions, your salary may increase.

  1. What is the price of a CEH certification?

Ans. The cost of CEH Certification varies depending on your region. The Certified Ethical Hacker certification ranges in price from $1,699 to $2,049.

  1. How long does it take to get certified as an ethical hacker?

Ans. Although it’s not extremely difficult to learn, you can’t become an expert in ethical hacking overnight. You must devote enough time and be devoted to learning the required information and abilities. To properly acquire your ethical hacking talents, it might take anything from 18 months to six years. It will probably take you longer if you don’t have any prior hacking or coding experience. If you already have coding experience, you might finish the CEH online course and exam in as little as five days.

  1. What kind of coding language do hackers use?

Ans. According to Tiobe Index statistics from 2022, Python is the most popular programming language in the world. It’s also popular among hackers since it provides strong and simple interfaces that allow them to operate rapidly.