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How To Make Money Students by Playing Games?

Think about it. You are sited with friends brainstorming money-making ideas, and one shoots the absurd, wishy-washy idea of playing games. How’s that of any help? You’d ask, quickly putting their wishful thinking aside and investigating more reasonable ideas.

Like many of us, you’d be forgiven for considering games to be nothing more than a time-wasting indulgence. However, many legitimate methods exist to convert your pass time into a meaningful investment.

After investigating this idea, I’d consider getting someone to help me do my homework as I make some money from my pastime. This article will highlight various methods you can make money playing games, helping you determine the ideas that suit you.

Player up

What’s the point in playing a strategy game for months if it doesn’t offer compensation for the time spent? Although some would argue that these games offer a sense of pride and achievement, the cash gained from selling your account might be a good reward.

Player up is a platform that facilitates player-to-player account transactions. The platform ensures secure payments, helping you overcome fraud by collecting, holding, and disbursing funds after successfully transferring a gaming account.

This allows you to play various games and convert your progress into cash after you lose the thrill of climbing up the game ladder.

Mist play

Mist play is a platform where users can play games to earn points that can be later converted to gift cards for Visa, Amazon, Starbucks, and more. The platform offers a wide variety of games and also provides points for inviting new users.

Besides mobile games that are designed according to your interests, the platform also features contests, allowing you to interact with multiple users as you rally towards amassing your points.


Twitch is no stranger to any gaming fan. This video-streaming platform allows you to build a base of subscribers to watch you as you play various games.

This platform allows you to monetise your skills through advertisements, monthly premiums from your subscribers, and donations. A testament to the feasibility of twitch is the wide fanbase and multiple personas who have dedicated their time to live-streaming.

Skillz games

Skillz games are yet another popular way to make money playing games. This platform offers tournaments such as bingo, pool, solitaire, and board games. These games charge a premium to play and offer prizes to winners.

You can thus select a game you excel at and enjoy each victory with an increase in your bank account.

Bingo mania

This online bingo and slots pay-to-play games platform offers tournaments where winners can bag cash prizes. The site also offers sign-up bonuses, giving you a starting boost.

Get paid to

This is yet another popular platform where users get paid to play games, take surveys and enjoy various online offers. Users on this platform can convert every 5000 points to $1. The game also allows you to get points from referring friends, expanding your capacity to make money from the platform.

HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia is a haven for any trivia lover. Besides putting your knowledge to the test, this site offers rewards upon completing trivia, helping you make some cash.

Final Take

Making money playing games does not necessarily imply that you resolve to gamble. These are some of the methods to make money from playing games and supplement your student budget.