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TechnologyGoogle plans to add Microsoft 365 integration to ChromeOS this year

Google plans to add Microsoft 365 integration to ChromeOS this year

Google just announced a new ChromeOS integration that will make the popular Microsoft 365 service soon available to all users on the platform. So, Google’s operating system for computers will be able to easily run the Microsoft Office software suite, which couldn’t be downloaded or installed before.

With the latest combination of ChromeOS and Microsoft 365, people can now do more on Google-powered PCs instead of just using its apps or online services.

ChromeOS to Allow Microsoft 365 in Latest Integration

Google’s most recent post in the ChromeOS Beta Tester Community says that Microsoft 365 is now available for ChromeOS. Now that Microsoft 365 and ChromeOS are officially working together, this is the first time that Google has let a competitor into its network.
Google claims that customers can use this URL to access the Progressive Web App, which users can download to use the Microsoft 365 and OneDrive applications.

This does not imply, however, that users may immediately download and instal the apps on their own Chromebooks and solely focus on the browser-based experience.

When is Microsoft 365 coming to ChromeOS?

This means that, as Google said through the beta tester community, Microsoft 365 is not yet fully integrated with Chromebooks. Even though the internet company stated that it would be available later this year, it did not specify what month or year it would be available.

It might be assumed that it will reach users within a few months.

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According to Google, it’s crucial for all Chromebook users to have quick access to the files they need to complete their tasks.

ChromeOS Features

ChromeOS, which is one of the most popular operating systems in the world, passed Apple’s macOS to become the second most popular system in 2021. But Microsoft stays on top because most computers around the world run on Windows, which is an operating system made by Microsoft.

The business is becoming more accessible to outside applications, and one integration it made available to everyone was the Steam Client’s use on its PCs. It was created by Valve and is also among the most well-known clients in the world. It makes ChromeOS available as a Chromebook-compatible option for gaming and managing demanding tasks.

Google promoted its Workspace office suite as a cloud service that automatically saves files to its disc to compete with Microsoft 365. Since then, there have been no integrations between Google and Microsoft, but this is going to change in a few months, according to Google, for the 365 suite on Chromebooks.

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