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Different types of online casino tables

What is the one thing you should want to achieve when playing a casino game? Entertainment. Winning and losing is part of the game, but the primary goal of any player should be to have fun. The casinos are designed in a way to make playing games exciting and thrilling, especially online casinos with their music tracks and sound effects. But, you must think about which casino games are better, slot machines or table games?

In one gaming session, you are less likely to lose all your money on a table than in slots. The odds of winning in a table game are much better than exposing your luck in a slot machine. Games like blackjack, baccarat, craps, poker, and roulette fall into the category of table games. Because of the different natures of each game, all of them offer some great ways of winning a hand.

It brings us to our next question: What are the different types of online casino tables? Since the inception of online casinos, the concept of online table games has emerged. With time, there has been advancement in technology and game development resulting in live online table games.

What is a normal online casino table game?

These games are software-based and pre-developed. The game follows the software and uses RNG technology to randomly generate numbers and cards. In this type of game, you cannot interact with anyone.

The following are some characteristics.

  • When you hit the deal button, chips and cards automatically and instantly appear.
  • There is no dealer.
  • Animated graphics and attractive images create a realistic atmosphere.

What is a live online casino table?

This version is far more close to a real casino and is immersive. The dealer live streams onto your screens. You can interact with the dealer and other players.

The following are characteristics.

  • A real casino experience.
  • The dealer deals with the cards.
  • A feature of a chat box to interact with the players and the dealer.

A live-streaming casino game was the only missing element from experiencing the physical casino.

Explaining the differences between live online and normal online casino table


The first noticeable difference is the interaction with the dealer and other players. When you play online casino games at home, usually, you are by yourself and might feel less involved in the game. The chat box feature makes sure you ask questions or raise concerns with the dealer by messaging them. It’s a more dynamic gaming experience.

Tips to the dealer

In land-based casinos, dealers heavily rely on tips from the players. While playing on a normal online table, you cannot tip as there is no one on the other side. Whereas in a live online table, there is an option of tipping the dealer.

Control of the game

This difference is significant. The live dealer table controls the pace of the game even though the action buttons are the same. Because it’s a live match and other players are playing with you, the dealer has the responsibility.

On the other hand, in a regular online table game, you are in charge. You can play as many games as you want, pause the game, text, or attend a call while playing the game without damaging your position.

Betting limit

In a live table game, the betting limit is greater than in a regular online table. The experience is closest to the physical casino. Therefore there are more expenses to cover. While at a regular online table, you can play with as low as $1.