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Delphi Murders Leaked Texts Revealed Update in 2022

Today, we are going to discuss Delphi Murders Leaked Texts Revealed Update in 2022

Abigail and Liberty, two young ladies from Delphi, attended Monon High School. After school, they returned to their hometown. Liberty German was 14 years old, while Abigail was 13 years old. Liberty’s German nickname was “Libby,” while Abigail’s was “Abby.” Sadly, they were killed on February 13, 2017, right after they got home from school. Remember that on their trip back home in the early afternoon, they shared some updates on Snapchat? After posting, they disappeared from Snapchat and were not heard from again.

Tragic death of Abigail and Liberty German

They were reported missing after two hours because they had not shown up for their transport home. The next day, their bodies were found half a mile from the bridge. Despite the fact that only a small amount of the case’s evidence has been made public over the past four years, people are still discussing their sad murder. However, the cause of death could not be determined by the investigators.

Investigators claim that a crime scene’s specifics reveal a signature that makes it easy to identify the perpetrator. Remember that Delphi Town only has 3000 citizens, making it a relatively small town. People usually know one another in places where there are few people.Unfortunately, if there are killers in that area, it usually impacts a large number of residents.

Video of the killer

You’ll be shocked to learn that, as the killer pursued both girls, Libby German recorded a video of that man. Remember that the murderer was following Libby and Abby across the bridge. Investigators concluded that the man who was hiding behind both girls was a murderer. The murderer can be heard saying, “Guys down the hill.” The detectives produced two composite sketches in a brief film using the evidence.

Text messages regarding the proof were also well-liked and shared online in addition to the video. These texts include crucial information about the case. These texts also reveal some of the secret evidence.

After 3 years of the incident

Unfortunately, everyone was concerned and disturbed by the circumstances when this occurrence occurred. The fact that police spent nearly three years searching for the murderer and gathering evidence is, perhaps, the most alarming development. In the past three years, they have only gathered a scant amount of information regarding the awful deaths of these young, innocent girls. Investigators are still looking for information about the death’s unexplained cause.

They were looking into what transpired at the crime scene, but they came upon a signature there in the hopes that it might be useful to them later. Delphi is a small town with only 3,000 residents, as I previously mentioned; therefore, I am extremely familiar with that episode. People are therefore highly aware of it, and it has had a positive impact on their lives. The residents of Delphi are hoping that the killer will be apprehended.

What are those leaked Delphi murders leaked texts messages about?

People are now discussing Delphi’s exposed text messages. Remember that the investigators will learn about the murder through the communications, which began to circulate in 2020. Remember that the YouTube channel ZavGirl made these messages public in a video with the title “Text Messages from the Guy Who Found Abby and Libby.”

Surprisingly, this video has been viewed more than 18,000 times. People are becoming more involved in the case every day as a result of the messages that Delphi disclosed. This is the key factor contributing to the case’s increasing mystique over time. Recent reports state that a friend messaged David, a male. He asserted that he had discovered the bodies. But regrettably, they penned a message that did not belong to Abby and Libby.

Discussion about Abby and Libby dead bodies

Later, he talked about Abby and Libby’s dead bodies at the crime site. Due to the fact that this information has never been made public, he claimed that none of the victims had been sexually abused. Additionally, he discussed the differences in their apparent injuries on the other side and provided detailed information on the murder scene.

Video of the crime scene: Cause of death rumors

However, not all of the material on the Delphi killings is being made public by the investigators. However, no guy is informed of the circumstances behind the deaths of these two girls. David discussed the texts that were leaked, which claimed that the females had been stabbed to death. According to him, the severity of Libby German’s wounds suggests that she has been attacked. Therefore, it was made clear by the investigators that they would not provide any additional details about the adolescents or what happened to them. However, as a result, many people are unaware of the last seconds.

More information about the killer

Many people are interested in learning additional details about the murderer. Investigators never made an arrest following the murders of Libby German and Abby Williams. But the FBI makes a lot of information about the suspect available. He is described by the FBI as being white and being between 5 feet 6 and 5 feet 8 inches tall. The murderer was seen in the footage sporting blue jeans and a blue blazer. But the murderer’s sketch was made public in April 2019. After that, though, the investigators kept their findings private.

Who is the person behind the Delphi murders leaked texts?

When the leaked text message from the individual thought to be the murderer was discovered after two years, the Delphi killings took a surprising turn. Unfortunately, it took the detectives a long time to catch the murderer. But now that these Delphi letters have escaped, investigators have identified the murderer. The case of the individual who killed the teenagers can be solved with the help of these communications.

A break in the Delphi murders? Transcripts reveal new details

The warrant reveals previously unknown inquiry details.

Abby Williams and Libby German walked the Monon High Bridge path on 2/13/17. Pick-up was scheduled for the afternoon.The next day, their remains were found after a frenzied search.

A photo of a heavyset suspect in a blue jacket and audio of a man stating “Down the hill” were provided as evidence. The search warrant found that Libby German’s phone recording lasted 43 seconds.
Investigators suspect the man in the video committed the murders.

The daughters’ bodies were found 1,400 feet from Ron Logan’s home. According to the search warrant, victims lost a lot of blood at the site. Due to the amount of blood, authorities suspected the perpetrator was stained.

According to the document, the murderer collected a souvenir from the crime site, and “the girls’ bodies were transported and staged.” The redacted search warrant said “the rest of their apparel was discovered.” No “battle or combat” was evident.

The agent assumed the perpetrator took anything from the crime scene or took photos. Unknown fibres and hairs were also found.
The agent said Logan’s build matched the man in the video. Women interviewed about Logan indicated he’d been violent with them; one was afraid of him. Both women said Logan was in the video.

The document says Logan’s voice matches the person in the video.

The warrant listed Logan’s firearms and knives. Police knew about the things because they raided his main house for firearms during a probation violation investigation.

‘Police have said there was DNA’: New interview sheds further light on the Delphi murders

Search warrant: Logan lied about having an alibi. Logan told detectives that a friend picked him up from home on February 13 between 2 and 2:30 p.m.

He told a family member about the trip on February 14. He also questioned if they’d come between 5 and 5:30 p.m.

A Feb. 13 receipt with 5:21 p.m. Investigators found the check-out time during a probation search on March 6, 2017. Logan’s return time would be between 5 and 5:30 p.m., requiring 30 minutes of travel time. questionable.

Investigators believe Logan lied about his alibi and made “factually incorrect and designed to deceive” statements, according to the search warrant.
The person Logan said drove him to the aquarium shop was interviewed by a detective on March 7; the detective confirmed the trip. The person told police he lied during the March 7 interview because Logan urged him to do so two days later. The source said Logan “never asked [him] to lie.”

Investigators believe Logan wanted the alibi before committing any crime.

Logan also dropped off trash at the Delphi transfer station on February 13 between 11:53 and 11:58 a.m. Logan’s admission prompted a probation violation investigation because he wasn’t allowed to drive.

Cell phone tower data shows Logan’s phone was in Delphi near the Monon High Bridge Trail on February 13. At 7:56 p.m. A text message from his phone on February 13 said he was “likely outside his home” and “near the crime scene.”

Delphi man shows  the crime scene where searcher made the discovery of two missing teens’ bodies

Logan took reporters on a tour of his property and to the crime scene just days after the killings. He claimed to have lived on the property for 50 years and was at a loss to understand how the girls could have gotten to the location where they were discovered.

Logan passed away in January. He has never been identified as a suspect or put on trial in relation to the Delphi killings.

Last words

Even while many people are eagerly awaiting the resolution of the case, they also want to solve this enigma as soon as possible. The residents of Delphi would be able to breathe easy if this case were to be solved. Therefore, a lot of people want this issue to be resolved and for them to receive justice.


Where does the suspected murderer of Delphi reside?

Remember how long it took for the Delphi Murders case, which was the subject of a leaked text, to be solved?Unfortunately, when two teenage girls were discovered dead in their automobile, investigators had no idea who the murderer was. The suspect was from Delphi, California, the authorities reported. The police chief claimed that the murderer still resides in California and frequently travels there. These adolescent ladies attended Delphi Community Middle School and were in the eighth grade.

Are the messages from Delphi that were leaked authentic?

In an interview with Jason Herbert, DE and AW corroborated the Delphi murder text exchanges that had leaked. They did not discuss the text messages much, but they did affirm that he sent them. He was part of the group that located the girls and was serving as a first responder when he sent these texts.

What message does the crime scene convey?

We can evaluate additional evidence from a variety of aspects of the case. If we compile all of these details, we can get a basic idea of what transpired that day. For instance, the phone can provide clues, and Delphi leaked text messages with information about the state of the bodies. Although the texts might not be entirely accurate, they provide you with a wealth of information on the occurrence.

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