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David Crosby Wife: Everything About His Nearly 36-Year Marriage to Jan Dance

Everyone around the globe is currently in mourning over the passing of musician David Crosby. On January 19, 2023, at the age of 81, the founding member of the bands Crosby, Stills, Nash, and the Byrds passed away.

He was married to Jan Dance when we revealed details about the rock star’s personal life. She gave Variety the assurance that David had passed away. Continue reading to learn more about Jan Dance and her union with David Crosby.

David Crosby wife Jan Dance shared the sad news of his demise

David Crosby, an 81-year-old American singer-songwriter and guitarist, passed away on Thursday. Jan Dance, the rock star’s wife, informed Variety of the tragic news of his passing.

The statement said, “It is with great regret that we announce the passing of our dearly loved David (Croz) Crosby after a protracted illness.” His soul partner Jan, his wife, and their son Django were ecstatically surrounding him. His humanism and loving soul will continue to lead and inspire us even if he is no longer among us.
Jan summed up the statement by saying, “His great music will continue to carry on his legacy.” To everyone who knew David and the people he impacted, peace, love, and harmony He will be sorely missed. We respectfully and humbly request privacy at this time while we grieve and work to come to terms with our great loss. I appreciate the prayers and love.

Jan Dance Biography

Name Jan Dance
Date of Birth 1951
Birthplace United States
Age 72 Years Old
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Religion Not Known
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known
Parents Not Known


Here’s all you need to know about David Crosby’s wife Jan Dance

In 1987, the two-time member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame married Jan Dance, his true love. The couple was married for over 40 years. The two remained together until the musician’s unexpected death in 2023, after being madly in love for 36 years.

Even though David and Jan were married in 1987, the exact beginning of their romance is still a mystery. On the social media site Twitter, he occasionally shared adorable photos of himself and his wife Jan.

The For What It’s Worth singer published a throwback photo of himself and his wife on his Twitter page about two years ago and spoke about how he has loved her for a very long time. He just wrote, “You can see why I adore her.” “46 years so far,” as the description for the adorable photo reads.
On Valentine’s Day in the year 2022, David posted a second romantic social media message for his wife, Jan. At the time, he shared a lovely photo of the two on the social media site Twitter.
He captioned the photo, “Me and my Valentine and some magnificent trees.” Crosby posted a photo of himself and his wife Jan enjoying themselves on Valentine’s Day last year.

How did David Crosby meet his wife Jan Dance?

The US Sun reported that Jan and the Grammy winner initially met while she was serving as the front desk agent at Criteria Studios. Jan did not intervene, despite the fact that David had a girlfriend at the time.

Dance decided against getting involved in David’s life at that point. She appears to have unintentionally drawn his attention.Later, as they walked down the aisle, they realised they were meant to be together.
According to the news source, David revealed details about his first encounter with dance in his memoir, Long Time Gone. In Florida, he got the chance to meet Jan Dance, which proved to be among the wisest decisions of his life, he wrote.
“She was a really vibrant, humorous, brilliant, cheerful human being, and I fell in love with her,” continued the I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better singer. I probably fall in love with her two or three times every day now.

The successful musician Long Time Gone stated in his memoirs that his wife Jan was the one who first suggested they form a band. “You should form your own band, go on your own tours, and produce your own record,” Jan suggested.”She told me plainly that if I could go out and demonstrate my own value, others would recognise it,” he added.

When did David Crosby and his wife Jan Dance get married?

In 1987, the pair were married. On May 16, 1987, Jan and David exchanged vows at the Hollywood Church of Religious Science in Los Angeles.

In a March 2021 interview with the Los Angeles Times, Crosby couldn’t stop gushing about his wife, Jan.He also discussed his devotion to his ladylove. He said at the time that he had never touched another woman since becoming married to Jan.

Did David Crosby and Jan Dance have any kids together?

The answer to the previous query is a resounding yes. During their 36-year marriage, David Crosby and his wife Jan Dance had one child. Django, their son and their only child together, was born in July 1995. Django, the son of Jan and David, is currently 27 years old. The three members of the family shared a home in Los Angeles.

In January 2022, the delighted father posted a photo of his son Django in Tokyo on the social media site Twitter.He captioned the photo, “My kid Django… in the Tokyo fishmarket… last time I played there.”
In addition, David was a loving father to five additional children from his prior partnerships. In 1962, he gave birth to his first child, James, with Celia Crawford Ferguson. Then he had two additional kids: Erika, a daughter with Jackie Guthrie, and Donovan Crosby, a daughter with his ex-girlfriend Debbie Donovan.

Additionally, in the late 1990s, Crosby provided Melissa Etheridge with his sperm in order for her to conceive Bailey and Beckett with her ex-partner, Julie Cypher.
We are sending Jan Dance, the rock star David Crosby’s wife, our love, light, and strength during this trying time.

Jan Dance Net Worth

Jan Dance net worth is not known but her husband David left a net worth of around $40 million.


Who is Jan Dance?

Jan Dance is well known for being the late singer-songwriter David Crosby wife.

How old is Jan Dance?

72 years old, Ans.

Who is Jan Dance husband?

Jan Dance is a divorcee. David Crosby proposed to her on May 16, 1987.

Who is Jan Dance son?

Django Crosby

What is Jan Dance’s ethnicity?


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