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CJ so Cool Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, Career, Awards & More

As of 2023, CJ So Cool’s net worth is anticipated to be $9 million. View information on CJ Cool’s net worth, biography, spouse, age, height, and weight, among other things. Cordero James Brady, an American YouTuber, has a $9 million fortune. American YouTuber James Brady is the owner of the channel CJ So Cool. Try not to laugh at challenges, pranks, vlogs, and reaction videos; viral videos dominate his output.

His birthplace was Gary, Indiana. He worked as a casino craps, blackjack, and poker dealer before becoming well-known on YouTube. He also served in the US Navy. We will now disclose his whole net worth, income, assets, and other details. Consequently, let’s begin with his net worth.

CJ so Cool Net Worth

As of 2021, CJ Cool’s YouTube channel had over 8.8 million subscribers and was adding 2,000 new ones per day. Through his films, the person has amassed over 2.3 billion views. His channel receives an average of 600,000 views per day, which enables him to earn an estimated $4,800 per day ($1.7 million annually) from the videos’ commercials.

After YouTube takes its cut, the US, UK, Canada, and other countries receive $2 to $12 per 1000 monetized views, according to the regular YouTube payment schedule. Here, they are compensated according to how long people watch their movies. They make more money when people watch their films for a longer period of time.
Thanks to agreements with numerous firms prepared to spend tens of thousands of dollars on product marketing, CJ earns additional money via sponsored films. He has done work with organisations like Seat Geek. Additionally, he broadcasts frequently to his over 100,000 followers on Twitch. He makes money there from subscription fees, contributions, and ad revenue.

Full Name: Cordero James Brady
Net Worth: $9 Million
Age: 34
Country: United States
Born: March 29, 1989
Salary: $600,000 (Annual)
Last Updated: 2023

CJ so Cool Biography

Cordero, a native of Gary, Indiana, was born there on March 29, 1989. Cordero and his brother, Anthony Jinx Brady, were raised in an unstable atmosphere. He was worried about his parents, but he never received the required love and care because his mother developed a heroin addiction and his father passed away in prison. Another brilliant YouTuber is Jinx Brady, who has even aided CJ Cool in pursuing his promising career.

CJ received his education at Theodore Roosevelt High School in his hometown. He finished his high school education at William A. Wirt. After completing his education, Cordero joined the navy and, at the age of 19, was assigned to the presidential guard. He continued his studies in criminology at Pursue University. He did, however, leave school in 2012 to look for a job and support his family.

Net Worth $9 Million
Name CJ so Cool
Age 34
Height (6’0″) or 183m.
Weight 75 kg or 165Ibs
Profession YouTuber
Date Of Birth March 29, 1989
Birthplace United States
Nationality American
Income $600,000
Spouse Charlene Johnson

After having a committed relationship with her, CJ So Cool married Royalty, a fellow YouTuber. In 2020, Cordayaha and Cordero Jr., two twin daughters, were born. In addition to these two daughters, CJ also had a daughter from a previous relationship named Camari, while Royalty had three children from a previous union. These family members coexist together and enjoy one another’s presence.

On March 23, 2021, for the celebration of his stepson Leon’s birthday, he donated a surprise mansion to his family. He never stops spoiling his children and delighting them with wonderful gifts. Even bigger motorcycles and electric scooters are gifts from him. He has a wonderful, peaceful relationship with his family and genuinely cares about them.

CJ So Cool Career

American YouTuber CJ So Cool (real name: Cordero James Brady) has over 10 million subscribers to his channel. He is well-known for his amusing and enjoyable videos, many of which include practical jokes, challenges, and reaction shots.

In 1989, CJ So Cool was born in Gary, Indiana. He had a challenging upbringing and lived in a violent neighbourhood. His mother battled drug addiction, while his father spent the majority of his life in prison. In order to survive, CJ So Cool frequently had to rely on food stamps.

In spite of a challenging upbringing, CJ So Cool never gave up on his aspirations. After high school, he enlisted in the Navy and served for four years. He relocated to Las Vegas after leaving the Navy, where he launched his YouTube channel in 2014.

The YouTube channel for CJ So Cool immediately became well-liked. He soon rose to prominence as one of the most popular YouTubers in the world, thanks to his amusing and relevant videos. He has worked with other well-known YouTube stars like Mr. Beast and Jake Paul. Additionally, he has made multiple television appearances, including The Steve Harvey Show and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. CJ So Cool has a popular retail line in addition to his YouTube channel. Additionally, he established CJ So Cool Records, his own musical label.

A true inspiration is CJ So Cool. He overcame a challenging upbringing to become one of the most well-known YouTubers in the world. For young people everywhere, he serves as an example of what is achievable if you work hard and never give up on your goals.

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