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Chance “Sodapoppin” and VTuber Veibae have been in the headlines regularly over the past several weeks due to the unusual nature of their relationship.

On-stream, the two became more intimate near the end of 2021, and earlier this year, they made their relationship public. Even though their relationship has only been together for a short while, Chance and Veibae have survived a slew of unfortunate events and have remained resilient.

Veibae and Sodapoppin first met on Mizkif’s Parasocial.

Although the precise time they originally connected is uncertain, they made their first significant stream appearance together during Matthew “MizkifVTubers “‘s Parasocial’s vs. Degens episode. Veibae was assigned to the VTuber side, while Chance was assigned to the Degens team. Veibea is a well known celebrity as Veibea Face Reveal.

The couple met over Parasocial, according to Mizkif, who remarked on their relationship months later. After that, they started spending more time together on Discord. Eventually, their relationship developed into something more.


The couple’s common buddy and fellow Twitch broadcaster Rob “Roflgator” was included in one of Chance’s first streams that demonstrated their friendship.

On VRChat, the three and a number of other broadcasters hosted a type of dating show where numerous hopefuls made amusing attempts to win Veibae’s attention.

Streaming more frequently as a pair, Chance and Veibae could frequently be seen playing League of Legends for hours, both on and off-stream. The fact that they “jokingly” flirted with each other during livestreams and maintained the same manner off-stream led some of their followers to believe they were together.

The duo even made light of their supposed “engagement” at one point, with Veibae jokingly tossing off a ring off a finger. When viewers tried to ask about their relationship or compliment Sodapoppin on suddenly being “happier,” the streamer would set clear limits and make it clear that they were not to be crossed.

However, Sodapoppin eventually revealed the plan, thereby establishing their position as a couple. The streamer acknowledged his relationship after a straightforward contribution request turned into a string of comments from viewers and said the following:

Soon later, Chance revealed that they had “ironically” gotten engaged and had done so by purchasing inexpensive engagement rings from Amazon. Viewers are still not convinced if his assertion was sincere.


However, since they made their relationship public, things haven’t exactly been tranquil for the two of them. The two recently discussed a lengthy email addressed to the VTuber regarding the alleged decline in the quality of her streams, even though they have both mentioned how they occasionally receive strange remarks from individuals.

Sodapoppin was continually brought up in the email, and he was chastised for having an impact on Veibae. Additionally, the VTuber was accused of attempting to “beat about the bush” while discussing her and Chance. The two considered the e-mail to be humorous and passionately voice-acted the material out loud, much to the concern of the spectators.

Chance presently resides in Austin, Texas with fellow streaming pair Nick “Nmplol” and Malena Tudi, while Veibae resides in Europe. Fans speculate that Chance may not have been kidding when he stated that the pair was getting married due to visa issues.

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