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Ceiling Tray Lighting Ideas: Inspiration for Creative and Customized Illumination

A ceiling with a raised centre is called a tray ceiling, or sometimes a recessed ceiling. With all of these varying heights, the ceiling mimics an inverted tray, hence the moniker.

Depending on the architecture of the house and the ceiling height of the room, the distance between the two layers of the ceiling might range from a few inches to more than a foot.

The ceiling’s unique design allows for a wide range of customization options. You can get the style you want by following these suggestions.

Make use of color

A tray ceiling’s color scheme can either draw attention to it or make it disappear into the background. While going for a contemporary look, simplicity and minimalism in colour palette are key.

Make a bold statement and give the area a sense of sophistication by painting the ceiling a deep shade that either blends with or stands in stark contrast to the rest of the decor.

These colour effects can be added to the tray ceiling’s edging to emphasise the vertical space. Having the tray’s interior be a dark hue can make it seem higher up or further away from the viewer when installing ceiling tray lighting.

Make a statement with ceiling artwork

It’s easy to imagine a beautiful piece of ceiling art framed by a beautiful tray ceiling. You can go for a more understated touch by adding stencils to the border, or you can go all out by decorating the interior of the tray with wallpaper, painted murals, or patterned tiles.

Create a great effect with cove lighting

Cove ceiling tray lighting is a great way to add some extra flair to a tray ceiling. Rope lights are commonly used to place this under crown moulding or other decorative moulding.

The lights themselves are concealed by the wood moulding, so all that is seen is a soft, warm glow on the wall or ceiling.

When used to highlight a mural painted inside the tray, this form of illumination is ideal. Rope lights, which come in a variety of colours, are another option for transforming the ceiling’s appearance.

Install recessed lights

In most newer homes, recessed lighting is installed in the ceiling. Recessed lighting installed in one of the tiers of a tray ceiling is a great method to highlight the ceiling’s architectural detail while also providing ambient lighting.

It is typical to see recessed lighting either inside or outside of the recessed tray. Use a combination of recessed lighting and an ornamental light to create a layered effect.

Final Thoughts

Tray ceilings are an elegant architectural detail that can increase a home’s resale price and overall appeal. Some of the best ways to draw attention to a tray ceiling’s unique characteristics are by using color, ornate moulding, and LED lighting.

On the other hand, if you have a large chandelier or pendant light hanging in the area, a tray ceiling can draw attention to it. This beautiful element will not go unnoticed thanks to the tray’s internal lighting design, which incorporates multiple layers of lights to attract the attention upward.

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