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Best payment methods to consider while playing casino online


When video games were first being developed in the 1970s, only an extreme optimist would have predicted that this burgeoning hobby would become one of the world’s fastest-growing industries in just a few short decades. As the internet and the gaming world coincided, it became increasingly clear that online gaming was a hugely popular pastime with billions of people playing online games every year.

The popularity and proliferation of mobile phones which are continuously improving has also contributed hugely to the gaming industry. No longer were gamers tied to their home set-ups and limited as to when and where they could play.

As soon as smartphones hit the market, they were being used to play some of the most engaging games going. Players had a seemingly limitless enthusiasm for new games, downloading apps in their billions to allow them to play their favourites while on the go.

Among these, traditional games such as casino games have always been popular and many have been adapted and updated to make them into engaging and exciting online games. These appeal to both traditional casino fans and gaming fans and casino sites have millions of users playing every day.

Staying safe while playing online

While the internet has become a lot safer in recent years, through the use of more advanced technology, players depositing funds and hoping to withdraw big wins want to be sure that their details and money are secure. For the most secure banking while playing online, there are various different methods to consider:

Credit and Debit Cards

These are an easy and convenient way to fund your online casino account and have the advantage that most people have access to at least one credit or debit card. Credit cards are the most popular way of depositing money into online casino accounts and are accepted at all casinos, most of which will process transactions from other countries.

Debit cards such as Switch, Maestro, Visa, and Laser are also widely accepted and are a popular choice among those that use online casinos in the UK. Some other countries do not recognise them so it’s worth checking before signing up if you only have a debit card to use.

Pre-paid Cards

For those that want to manage their budget easily, using a paid card to fund their casino accounts makes it really easy to see where your money is. Most casino sites accept a variety of prepaid cards, especially from global providers such as Visa, Mastercard, and Paysafe.

The advantage of a pre-paid card is that it ring-fences your gaming budget ensuring you don’t get carried away and you have a secure budget while gaming online and it also limits the amount of data you are entering online. Any data breach would only give access to limited funds, rather than your main bank account, and although such a breach is unlikely, many enjoy this peace of mind.


Online payment methods such as Paypal, Neteller, and Pay By Phone are widely available as payment methods for funding casino accounts. Payments can be made quickly and securely, from a mobile or computer.

They offer cutting-edge security as very limited information is transmitted so there is no need to share bank or card details with the casino. They are also useful for international transactions in different currencies, although acceptance of specific accounts varies from country to country.


For the very latest in security features, cryptocurrencies are a popular choice, particularly for those playing on sites based in other countries and jurisdictions. The use of blockchain to authenticate transactions makes cryptocurrencies a fairly safe payment method when gaming online, and many casinos accept deposits made in cryptocurrencies to fund accounts.

Those that want to use cryptocurrencies online will find a choice of casinos available and can search specifically for those that offer this as a payment method. The value of cryptocurrencies can fluctuate significantly, so users should take this into account when considering whether cryptocurrencies are a suitable option.

The future of online payments

As technology advances and more and more activity is carried out online, safety and security are constantly being improved and strengthened. Casinos can offer their customers the chance to play a wide choice of games but players will only engage if they can be sure that they are entrusting their details to a reliable operator.

By offering a wide variety of payment methods, casinos can attract players from all over the world. Some casinos offer bonuses for their preferred deposit method, giving players the chance to earn additional credit or free spins in return for using a particular payment method.

As with any website, players that want to deposit funds should check that the casino site they are on is reputable and has appropriate safety measures in place. Checking their license and reading online reviews should help most players find a casino that suits their requirements perfectly.