Home Entertainment YouTube’s Apple TV application faces issue during exit, users complain

YouTube’s Apple TV application faces issue during exit, users complain

YouTube's Apple TV application faces issue during exit, users complain

The most recent update to the YouTube app for Apple TV made it janky. When users try to depart, it now crashes, leaving a dark screen.

Our watching habits have evolved in recent years. Most living rooms are now equipped with smart TVs. The days of watching cable TV channels or watching DVDs for entertainment are long gone.
We use a variety of apps when watching television with Android TV and Apple tvOS. YouTube has therefore been a part of our TV-watching sessions.

YouTube App for Apple TV Crashes When Exiting

However, this time, Apple TV customers are having trouble closing the YouTube app, according to a report by Apple Insider. When they attempt to close it, it begins to crash and displays a black screen.

Some YouTube viewers complained about the problem they saw on the Apple TV app on Twitter and Reddit.

According to the allegations, the TV screen becomes completely black when users attempt to deactivate the YouTube app on tvOS and affirm that they wish to stop using the video-sharing service. Unless users reset the device or force the app to close, they claim they are trapped by that.

Mac Rumors said that the bug began to affect some users following the most recent update. However, it is still unknown what makes the app janky and why it freezes some users’ Apple TVs.

Are There Any Fixes?

Given the numerous complaints from its users, YouTube Support’s official Twitter account shared some troubleshooting advice.
Users are being urged to do the standard troubleshooting procedures for the time being, such as resetting Apple TV and reinstalling the programme, by the Google-owned service.

Despite this, according to Mac Rumors, these troubleshooting techniques are ineffective at solving the problem.

Users claim they are currently “forcing quitting” the app to restore Apple TV responsiveness. With this, people wouldn’t need to restart the gadget or unplug it in order to get it to operate again. Do not, however, assume that this fixes the fault in any way. Users can only get past the black screen with its assistance.

However, how can you force an app to quit on Apple TV?

How to Force Close YouTube App on Apple TV

When an app stops responding, Apple TV users can force close it, allowing them to move on to other apps.

You only need the Siri Remote to accomplish this. On Apple TV, hold down the Menu or Back button to force-quit an app.

This should enable you to exit the black screen when it begins to appear while YouTube works to fix the crash fault.

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