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TechnologyYouTube to allow creators to monetize Shorts content starting February 1

YouTube to allow creators to monetize Shorts content starting February 1

Creators can begin generating ad revenue on Shorts as of February 1st, thanks to a recent YouTube Partner Program announcement. But before creators can get paid, the site will need them to adhere to new terms.

YouTube Shorts Monetization Module

As the firm established new eligibility requirements, new opportunities to earn, and opened access to Creator Music, YouTube stated in September that it would be integrating vertical ads from landscape videos for use on shorts.
In its most recent statement on the subject, YouTube at least provided a date. On February 1st, shorts will start paying creators a share of ad revenue.
The opportunity to opt out of short story monetization will be available to creators. But each participant in the programme will need to sign the fundamental agreement, which will contain specific guidelines for what creators can post and how payments are made.

Creators will be able to make money by running advertisements between their videos in the Shorts Feed thanks to the YouTube Shorts Monetization Module. The business guarantees that the majority of the recipients of its Shorts Fund will make more money under this new arrangement.

According to TechCrunch, creators must reach the Shorts threshold of 1,000 subscribers and 10 million Shorts views in the past 90 days in order to apply to the programme.

In advance of this modification, the company introduces new YouTube Partner Program terms that users must accept and sign by July 10 of this year in order to keep their monetization. Additional partnerships were revealed by YouTube in addition to the Shorts Monetization Module.

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Other Updated Terms on YouTube Partner Program

This will reportedly feature “modules” that would give creators more choice in how they make money from YouTube, according to The Verge. Additionally, you must agree to the “Base Terms,” which also comprise the other three sections and the content policies. These are the essential provisions of any creator’s contract.

The “Watch Page Monetization Module” refers to sites on YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Kids that will be used to describe and play long-form or live-streaming films produced by creators.

In the meantime, the “Commerce Product Addendum” will open up a number of fan funding options that users can earn while interacting and connecting with their channel members. Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Super Thanks fall under this category.
If creators don’t sign by the deadline, they will be kicked out of the programme, their revenue will stop, and they will need to requalify before they can rejoin. The terms of service still apply and continue to govern creators’ channels even after their channels have been withdrawn from the programme, YouTube reminded its users.

Previous members will continue to see advertisements placed on their content, but they will no longer be eligible for compensation.

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