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GamingXbox Keystone: Phil Spencer talks about the price, it is the real...

Xbox Keystone: Phil Spencer talks about the price, it is the real reason for the cancellation of the project

The alleged game streaming device for television, called the Xbox Keystone, offers a fresh gaming and entertainment experience from Microsoft. Phil Spencer recently disclosed that the reason it was cancelled before it even reached the market was that it was too expensive, which might deter consumers from purchasing it.

According to the Xbox head, the pricing was comparable to that of the Xbox Series S console, and customers may decide to get the streaming device rather than the digital version of the game machine.

Xbox Keystone Price Revealed: How Much is It?

Microsoft Xbox head Phil Spencer recently disclosed the reasons why the gaming business decided to put the Keystone’s development on hold, according to The Verge’s article. Nevertheless, according to some sources, the Keystone has already been shelved, but as Spencer stated before, the team looks forward to continuing to work on it in the future without a set deadline.

When Spencer and Nilay Patel came on the Decoder Podcast, the host brought up the Keystone and inquired as to what had taken place.

A bundle with a game controller and upgrading to Microsoft hardware may bring the price closer to the $299 asking price of the Xbox Series X, according to the Xbox boss.

Xbox Keystone’s Price is Why it Got Canceled

.In the end, the team chose to focus their efforts on creating smart TV streaming software that is centred on Xbox’s offerings rather than continuing to create the game streaming device for television.

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Spencer noted that the Keystone development cost was significantly higher than the team had anticipated, particularly in light of the hardware and the project’s goals.

Xbox and its Gaming Experience

One of the most well-known gaming consoles in the world, Xbox current Series S and X aim to provide a contemporary experience for everyone, and several reviewers have rated it higher than the PlayStation 5.

Additionally, the Sony console experienced difficulties in its production, but the Xbox Series S and X enjoyed quicker restocks in retail stores and the Microsoft Store after it already predicted an easing in the device’s availability in early 2022.

Other news about the new gaming hardware from Microsoft focused on the Xbox Keystone, a gadget that was originally seen as the Xbox Series S and X’s replacement. Later on, it was made clear that the gadget wouldn’t be a console but rather a game streaming device that would allow customers to access the renowned paid cloud service of the business.

The Keystone was a codename, but it gained enormous notoriety when the business released this gadget since it offered a different gaming experience than a console, focusing more on game streaming. Even though the Keystone may not be visible to the general public right now, the Xbox boss insisted that it is still not a done deal and that it is not merely the company’s top priority right now.

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