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GamingXbox Game Pass receives one of the best indies of the decade;...

Xbox Game Pass receives one of the best indies of the decade; has over 90 on Metacritic

Take advantage and enjoy an adventure like no other.

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that stands out because it allows you to access a lot of games without having to spend more. This is great with first-time AAA releases, but also with indie gems that you passed up at the time for one reason or another. Just today he received a game that falls into the second category.

Through social networks, the official Xbox Game Pass accounts reported that the acclaimed INSIDE is now available on the subscription service. Thanks to this, players have the opportunity to download this indie gem from 2016 to find out why it has given so much to talk about.


Please note that INSIDE is available for Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. What does this mean? That you will have the opportunity to play it on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming. In this way, you will have the opportunity to play it on your console, on your computer or even take it anywhere on your cell phone.

It is worth mentioning that INSIDE was given as part of Games With Gold in June 2019. So if you’ve had an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription for a while, you probably already have it as part of your digital library.


In case you have never heard of INSIDE, we tell you that it is a game that Playdead released in 2017. In it, players control a boy who lives in a dystopian world and must stay alive there. To do so you must overcome obstacles and solve different environmental puzzles.

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Upon its release, INSIDE received a ton of positive reviews, to the point of having over 90 on Metacritic for its PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch versions. Additionally, it won several awards at The Game Awards and other award shows.

And you, will you play INSIDE as part of Xbox Game Pass? What did you think of the arrival of this indie to the service? Tell us in the comments.

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service available on Xbox consoles, PC and mobile. The service offers you access to a library of games via direct download or streaming depending on your subscription level. 

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