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BusinessXbox boss says regulator concerns around Activision acquisition are fair

Xbox boss says regulator concerns around Activision acquisition are fair

In an interview, the CEO of Microsoft Gaming said that he is still confident in the company’s plan to buy Activision Blizzard King, even though regulators aren’t sure about it.

Activision Blizzard Acquisition

According to a PC Gamer report, Microsoft Gaming Chief Executive Officer Phil Spencer remarked that the company’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, which he acknowledged as fair, honest, and deserved, was the subject of his conversations with a number of international regulators.
“I do think the discussion surrounding an acquisition of this size is warranted, and I’ve welcomed the time to go spend it,” he said, referring to Microsoft’s position as a big tech business. However, he made it clear at the Wall Street Journal Tech Live event that he is still confident in this suggestion. Spencer said that he had only recently visited Londo for a meeting with all the regulatory boards.

Acquisition’s Status

Regarding the clearance of the acquisition, Spencer has spoken with various regulators. As of right now, Brazil has already accepted the agreement, but according to DBLTAP’s report, the US Federal Trade Commission is still considering it.

The Competition and Markets Authority of the United Kingdom has, in the meantime, formally moved the review’s second phase after expressing worries that it would hurt other subscription services like PlayStation. With a deadline of November 8, Europe’s watchdog for competition will soon decide whether to move on to the next round.

Video Games Chronicle says that regulators and the gaming industry are talking more and more about Call of Duty, which was the best-selling game in the United States last year.

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Although the firm has officially stated that the series will continue on PlayStation, there are still ongoing discussions on whether it will be included in Microsoft’s acquisition. Sony, however, warned the media that this could make the future of Call of Duty “inadequate on many levels.”

As they are more interested in mobile growth with the addition of Activision Blizzard to the firm, particularly with Call of Duty Mobile, Spencer reiterated in the same interview that it will continue to be released on PlayStation platforms in the future. This deal is very important for the business if it wants to take advantage of opportunities in mobile games.

It’s not in our plans to trick players into playing in the cloud or to withdraw the game in two to three years; instead, this brand will continue to ship on PlayStation natively. As long as it makes sense, we intend to keep releasing Call of Duty on the PlayStation. “Technology is constantly changing,” he added.

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