HealthWyclef Jean Checked Himself Into a Hospital? Here’s What We Know

Wyclef Jean Checked Himself Into a Hospital? Here’s What We Know

Recently, Wyclef Jean was admitted to the hospital, frightening supporters and well-wishers. The rapper released a video on his Instagram account on Monday, saying that he was going to spend the night there. He remained silent about the condition he had, though.
The 53-year-old has at last given the news tabloid TMZ an update and given the explanation for his hospitalization. Continue reading to learn more about what happened to the singer and how he is currently recovering.

Wyclef Jean Gets Admitted to Hospital

The Ready or Not singer informed his followers of his health concern on Instagram on March 13. “Okay, moving me to the room now,” he stated while being spotted in a medical gown and mask. I have never spent the night in the hospital. It should be OK though.”

Sometimes we forget our body is a temple, he said in the caption for the video. I’ll return soon. Industry colleagues of Jean gave him well wishes and prayers along with their comments. Keep your attitude high and concentrate on becoming well; you are currently healing by the power of God, according to Top Adlerman’s letter. “Speedy recovery, brother,” Miguel said.
Get well soon, as well as the wishes of a fan and Haitian vocalist, Rutshelle Guillaume. We’re going to return the favor. All the positive energy you’ve sent our way You deserve to be showered with positive energy.

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The Musician Reveals the Reason Behind his Hospitalization

On Tuesday, the former Fugees member officially disclosed the cause of his hospitalization. He told TMZ in a conversation that he had “had numbness on the right side of his face” upon his return from Miami to LA the previous weekend. He then called Dr. Waleed Lashin, his family physician, right away.
The doctor advised him to visit the emergency room for a checkup and gave him certain tests that necessitated an overnight hospital stay. Jean said that fatigue and stress were probably to blame for the face numbness. Now that he is back at home, he is recovering. Next week, the musician will also go through some extra testing.

Jean was Recently in News for Announcing the Launch of his Luxury Electric Vehicle

On March 5, Jean declared that he would introduce a $350,000 lightweight premium electric automobile to the market. To produce the two-passenger sport vehicle Attucks Apex AP0, he teamed up with Apex Motors.
My parents always encouraged me to dream big because I am the son of immigrants. I then built my ideal vision by fusing my two interests in vehicles and music, as well as my experiences with both! He announced the concept on Instagram, writing, “Tomorrow at @ameliaconcoursofficial, I’m launching my electric supercar with, @attucksfuture, and @supercarrooms.

Nonetheless, Jean would not stop making music if her attention was diverted to the car sector. He was recently spotted in a recording session with Lil Wayne, raising the possibility that he may participate on The Carter 6—the rapper’s upcoming album. The two previously collaborated on the 2007 smash song Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill).

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Early life

Wyclef On October 17, 1969, Nel Usti Wyclef Jean was born in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti. At the age of nine, he immigrated to the United States with his family. He was raised in Brooklyn, New York, as well as Newark and East Orange, New Jersey, with his parents, Yolanda and Gesner, and his siblings, Sam, Sedeck, and Melky. With the help of a Muppets musical instrument playset, Jean and his siblings started making music. Soon after, their parents started buying them actual instruments, including a guitar for Wyclef. Jean graduated from Vailsburg High School and went on to Eastern Nazarene College, Five Towns College, and the Berklee Institute of Music in Boston. In 2009, she started there.

Personal Life

Wycliffe dated Marie Claudinette, a fashion designer, and was dating Lauryn Hill at the same time. He married Claudinette in 1994, and the following year they adopted Angelina from Haiti. After five years of marriage, Wyclef and Marie decided to say their vows again. Jean was shot in the hand in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in March 2011. Wyclef’s father sadly died in 2001 when his garage door was slammed by Jean’s Bentley.
The Wyclef Jean Foundation, popularly known as Yéle Haiti, was established by Wyclef in 2001. During Hurricane Jeanne in 2004, the foundation gave 3,600 Gonaives youngsters scholarships and also gave the people of Haiti food and funds for schools. Following the Haitian earthquake in 2010, Yéle Haiti donated money for relief efforts, and Jean coordinated the Hope for Haiti Now telethon alongside George Clooney and took part in an MTV fundraising campaign. The nonprofit Yéle Haiti was revealed to have not submitted tax returns for a number of years in 2010, and it was shut down in 2012.

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What has become of Wyclef Jean?

The Jeans—Wyclef married Marie Claudinette in 1994, and they later adopted a daughter, Angelina Claudinelle. The pair, who are currently residents of New Jersey, had their vows renewed in August 2009.

What is Wyclef Jean’s net worth?

As a rapper, singer-songwriter, musician, record producer, politician, and Haitian-American, Wyclef Jean has a $10 million fortune. Early in the 1990s, Wyclef achieved success as a member of The Fugees.

Does Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean share a child?

Hill had a relationship with Rohan Marley during the time when Jean was married to Marie Claudette. Wyclef didn’t find out Marley wasn’t the father, but rather Hill’s oldest son Zion, until after the baby was born. “I discovered the truth when Lauryn gave birth: the child wasn’t mine.

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