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EntertainmentWpit18 .com: How WPC works in 2022?

Wpit18 .com: How WPC works in 2022?

The World Pitmasters’ Cup, an annual international competition, is abbreviated as Wpit18. Although the tournament is played in several nations, its exact structure is still unknown. The sport’s laws, rules, and regulations will all be covered in this article. You can at least get a general idea of what it entails, even though the rules are not entirely clear. Additionally, you can discover more about the competition’s past and what to anticipate if you go to the 2022 World Pitmasters Cup.

World Pitmasters’ Cup(WPC)

The World Pitmasters’ Cup will take place in the Philippines in 2022. The World Pitmasters Council is funding this event, which is a cruel game that harms animals. The event’s organizer, WPIT18, will broadcast the entire thing live on its website and on its social media pages. If you’re interested in attending the tournament, you can reach Wpit18 via their WhatsApp or Viber numbers, which are listed on their official website.

Charlie “Atong” Ang is the author of Pitmasters Live. Ang, a roving fitness enthusiast, collaborated with breeders across the nation to create the webcast. His agents manage the webcast, accept bets, and pay out prizes. One of the most prestigious international cockfighting competitions, the World Pitmasters Cup, will be held in the Philippines for the fifth time in 2022.

What are WPC2027 and Wpit18?

Wpit18 is the primary website where Filipinos register for the WPC2027 events. Following registration, Filipinos organize “roosters fights” between one another. The World Pitmasters’ Cup is also known as the WPC. Individuals may participate in this Wpit18.com event-specific activity.

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How Do WPC2027 and Wpit18 Operate?

Every department that holds events creates rules and regulations, such as Wpit18 & WPC2027, in order to make the event successful. So, if you want to take part in this event, remember that you must have followed the following basic and important rules and regulations:

  • You must sign up for WPC at WPit18.com.
  • WPC will hold the cockfight on a specific day following registration.
  • Every time this event is held, there will be a crowd.
  • On “Wpit18.com,” online viewers and cockfight enthusiasts can watch this fight live.

They take all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the event and its success.

Simple Procedures for Online Registration

  • Visit WPC2027, select Register and enter your information.
  • To continue, click Confirm. A new email will be sent to you for verification.
  • Verify your junk and trash Enter a working postal address in your account information if you did not receive an email from our system so we can reach you if necessary;
  • Check and double-check every piece of information before sending it (you will not be able to change anything once you confirm it). Verify that everything is accurate!
  • Enter your payment details. At this time, we only accept credit cards.
  • Call the credit card company to confirm your payment information at least twice before any charges are made to your account.
  • After you confirm payment, you’ll get two emails. One will let you know that we got your payment, and the other will let you know that it was processed successfully.
  • You will receive a final confirmation email once all payments have been made (this can take up to 24 hours). If you do not receive these emails within a reasonable amount of time, we advise checking your spam or trash folder.
  • Please wait for our staff to get in touch with you about event scheduling after payment confirmation. If there isn’t response within 48 hours, you can come back here or get in touch with us directly;
  • When attending events, be sure to bring a valid ID or passport! The law requires it!
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Is WPC2027 Safe and Legal?

Surprisingly, it’s legal and safe to watch roosters compete in official fighting matches. However, why would anyone want to do that? The solution is based on our nation’s long history of cockfighting and cultural heritage. Even though the acceptance of domestic animals has changed over time, there has always been a tradition of domestic animal fighting in our society. And where there is a market for a product or service, it doesn’t matter if polite society approves or not. Here are some things you should be aware of before going to your first event if you’re curious about how a contemporary cockfight operates.


In 2022, the Philippines’ government won’t host rooster fights due to their unprofessionalism and cruelty to animals. It is unhealthy for them because they lose too much blood in a single day, and it is cruel because we have to kill some roosters to compete with each other. Most nations that also forbid rooster fights also consider it illegal. The non-carnivorous food culture is favored by the Philippine government because it promotes health, safety, and the preservation of human lives. But let’s say you wanted to know how many people enjoy fighting. If so, you are free to travel anywhere as long as it is not hosted by the Philippine government or any other entity connected to our nation, starting in 2022 and continuing indefinitely.

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