Why is it called a circuit party?

The name “circuit” was affixed to a particular branch of electronic dance music party due to the style of house music, dubbed “circuit house,” that played almost exclusively at these gatherings.

How big is Boystown Chicago?

Boystown is a neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois with a population of 5,572. Boystown is in Cook County and is one of the best places to live in Illinois.

Why is Northalsted?

LAKEVIEW — Boystown will now be known as Northalsted in neighborhood marketing after calls for the LGBTQ enclave to be named something more inclusive. The business alliance will now use the North Halsted strip’s street name in its marketing, along with a new slogan touting the area as “Chicago’s Proudest Neighborhood.”

What happens at a white party?

Traditionally, the party takes place over three days from Friday to Sunday with a series of pool and dance parties. The weekend usually kicks off with a theme party on Friday night. On Saturday, guests are encouraged to dress in white. White Party also features internationally renowned DJs and music artists.

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What is the origin of the White Party?

The all-white clothing theme was chosen by co-founders Frank Wager and Jorge Suarez. The first White Party began as AIDS began decimating the gay population. Wager and Suarez began planning an event they hoped would raise awareness and money to reduce HIV/AIDS in South Florida.

Why did Boys Town change their name?

The famed LGBTQ neighborhood “Boystown” in Chicago is changing its nickname after an online petition claimed it wasn’t inclusive of women, gender nonbinary individuals and people of color.

Is Boys Town safe Chicago?

Crime Rate: You’ll Be A-OK In Boystown For example, while the average crime rate in Chicago hangs around 4,000 reported criminal acts per 100,00 residents, Boystown is much safer, with a crime rate of roughly 1,048 criminal acts per 100,000 people that call this area home.

Does Chicago have Chinatown?

Chinatown is one of the most unique neighborhoods in Chicago. Easy to get to from downtown, the tight-knit community has been at this current location since 1912. Today, Chicago’s Chinatown comprises 30 blocks, 27,000 residents, and more than 400 businesses.

Did Nirvana ever play Lollapalooza?

Nirvana was scheduled to headline but officially pulled out on April 4, 1994, amid rumors that the band was on the verge of breaking up.

How many people go to Rolling loud?

I was in Miami for the first major music festival in the United States since the beginning of the pandemic—and it wasn’t a quiet, gradual return. On three consecutive nights, 75,000 people crammed themselves into Hard Rock Stadium for Rolling Loud Miami 2021.

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When did Lollapalooza stop touring?

The festival again visited many cities across North America, establishing the format of Lollapalooza through 1997. The tour began losing money, however, and it was canceled in 1998.

What is Boystown in Chicago called now?

Bye bye, “Boystown”; the iconic neighborhood known world over has changed its name to Northalsted for inclusion. But will that change stick? CHICAGO (WLS) — Chicago’s iconic “Boystown” neighborhood has changed its name.

When did Boystown get its name?

The ’90s: Recognition and assimilation. By the 1990s, the strip on Halsted had earned the nickname Boystown. As Johnston recalls, the name came from a popular weekly column called “Boys Town” by Rex Wockner, which ran in the gay Chicago newspaper Outlines.

Is Boystown Chicago Open?

More of your favorite Bars & Restaurants in Boystown are reopening cautiously for indoor seating up to 25% capacity as Chicago continues Phase IV. Patrons should continue to abide by important guidance including: Physically distancing and wearing a face covering.

What is the meaning of the four market days in Igbo land?

EKE MARKET DAY AND ITS SIGNIFICANCE IN IGBO LAND. In Igbo culture, there are four days in a week; namely, Nkwo, Eke, Afo, and Orie. Just as there are four types of week days. Afo means the formative market day. Orie is the day before Afo, as such, is the day farm produce are made ready for the market day.

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What is a market day?

Definition of market day : a day fixed for holding a market public sales are held on market days— G. W. Johnson.

What is a market week?

Market week is a time period in which clothing, footwear, or accessory buyers travel to a particular location to plan their purchases for the season.

What is Circuit house music?

Circuit music is predominantly remixed house music with some Top 40, deep house, and techno on the side.

What is a White Party in the Hamptons?

A “White Party” for “Beginning of Summer” or “End of Summer”, and requiring all white attire is an invitation that gets guests excited about your party.