Why cell is like a factory?

A cell can be thought of as a “factory,” with different departments each performing specialized tasks. A cell’s plasma membrane regulates what enters or leaves the cell. The cytoplasm is similar to the factory floor where most of the products are assembled, finished, and shipped.

How do the cells work together?

The cells in our bodies, however, work together with similar cells to form structures called tissues. Tissues make up the different organs and functional material in our bodies. Each cell is composed of many smaller units called organelles. An organelle in a cell is analogous to an organ in the human body.

How is a cell like a car factory?

The cell wall in a plant cell is like the frame on a car. It gives the motor energy so it can run like the mitochondrion produces energy for the cell. The vacuole stores waste like the gas tank stores its fuel. The ribosome produces protein for the cell as the alternator produces energy for the battery to stay charged.

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What is the factory of the cell?

The real work of the cell occurs in the cytoplasm, the cell’s “factory floor.” The term “cytoplasm” refers to everything between the cell membrane and the nuclear membrane. It consists mostly of water, salts, some proteins, and many small structures called organelles (or little organs).

How are all tissues similar?

Tissues are groups of similar cells that have a common function. An organ is a structure that is composed of at least two or more tissue types and performs a specific set of functions for the body. Many organs working together to accomplish a common purpose is called an organ system.

Why do cells need to work together?

Cells are grouped together to carry out specific functions. A group of cells that work together form a tissue. Your body has four main types of tissues, as do the bodies of other animals. These tissues make up all structures and contents of your body.

How is a cell similar to a house?

Cell organelle. A cell is like a house. While the nucleus is the control center of the cell, people control everything inside the house. The Golgi apparatus packages/delivers proteins.

Why do you think that organelles can be compared to machines in a factory?

The specialized machines and assembly lines of the factory can be compared to the different organelles of the cell. Cells, like factories, follow instructions and produce products. In the same way that the main office controls a large factory, the nucleus is the control center of the cell.

How is a cell like a city?

The nucleus controls all of the activities of the cell as city hall controls all the activities in of the city. 2. The cell membrane is a thin, flexible envelope that surrounds the cell. It allows the cell to change shape and controls what goes into and out of the cell a.

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What is the manufacturer and shippers of the cell?

The Golgi apparatus is the “manufacturing and shipping center” of a eukaryotic cell. The Golgi apparatus, sometimes called the Golgi complex or Golgi body, is responsible for manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping certain cellular products, particularly those from the endoplasmic reticulum (ER).

How is a cell like a cookie factory?

It’s like the security at doors and entrances to control what goes in and out in the chocolate chip cookie factory. Only plant cell has a cell wall. The cell wall gives the plant it’s actual shape, give the plant cell rigidity and strength. A cell wall is like the outer structure of a chocolate chip cookie factory.

What is a cell like?

Cells are Like Schools In a cell, vacuoles operate as small spaces to store things, much like lockers work in a school. The main office functions like the nucleus in a cell, directing the action.

How is a cell similar to a school?

A nucleus controls all the functions of the cell, like the principle in a school does. The cell membrane controls what goes in and out of the cell, much like the main doors in a school control what go into the school.

What is a cell membrane similar to in real life?

The cell membrane is like a security guard, because the cell membrane controls what goes in and out of a cell like a security guard controls who goes in and out of the gate. 4. Cell Wall -Supports and protects the cell while still letting materials pass through it.

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What can cell organelles be compared to?

The organelles of the cell can be compared to the body parts of the human body. The nucleus in the human body is the brain. Both the brain and the nucleus are the control centers of the cell and body. They hold all of the information.

What is the difference between a cell and a tissue?

Cell and Tissue – Differences Cells are the smallest, structural and functional unit of an organism, which is characteristically microscopic. Tissues are the distinct types of material consisting of specialized cells and their products.

Are all tissues the same?

The cells in a tissue may all be the same type or they may be of multiple types. In either case, the cells in the tissue work together to carry out a specific function. There are four main types of human tissues: connective, epithelial, muscle, and nervous tissues.

How cells tissues and organs work together?

The body has levels of organization that build on each other. Cells make up tissues, tissues make up organs, and organs make up organ systems. The function of an organ system depends on the integrated activity of its organs. For instance, digestive system organs cooperate to process food.

What are the similarities between a plant cell and animal cell?

Structurally, plant and animal cells are very similar because they are both eukaryotic cells. They both contain membrane-bound organelles such as the nucleus, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, golgi apparatus, lysosomes, and peroxisomes. Both also contain similar membranes, cytosol, and cytoskeletal elements.