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BusinessWho owns RevTech?

Who owns RevTech?

Expert Panel David Matthews , Founder/Managing Director @ RevTech Ventures David Matthews, Founder/Managing Director of RevTech Ventures. RevTech Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in retail technology. Our mentors have over 1,000 years of cumulative experience in the retail industry.

How much horsepower does a RevTech 110 motor have?

With over 115 horsepower and 120 ft/lbs of torque, you’ll have more than enough ponies for whatever type of riding you do. Out on the streets it’s far more fun to show off your ride than to explain why it’s in the shop again. That’s why we’ve built the RevTech® 110 to be virtually indestructible.

How many cc is a RevTech 110?

That’s why the RevTech 110 ( 1802 cc ) was engineered to make huge power, early and long. With an ideal bore and stroke combination of 4” by 4 3/8”, they designed a wide power band for all occasions, whether ripping through the gears or grabbing a handful to pass, loaded down, riding two up.

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What does RevTech mean?

What is RevTech? RevTech is a new strategy that companies, especially technology companies, are adopting. Traditional sales and marketing processes are changing. Companies are focusing more on revenue rather than leads. All of this means that companies also need technology that can support them.

Where are Ultima engines made?

The Ultima engines are made by Midwast, and they are made in the USA. They are manufactured in an effort to compete with the Rev-Tech engines, and are very competitively priced.

Are Ultima engines reliable?

It starts easy, idles fine, and has plenty of power. It has also proven to be extremely reliable and leak free. Somewhere around 20,000 to 25,00 miles I did install new lifters but I would have done that with any motor. I also swapped out the stock Ultima 264 cam with the Ultima 248 cam.

Does Ultima make a Twin Cam engine?

Ultima is now offering a complete competition series hydraulic chain tensioner engine for Twin Cam. Just like Ultima’s EVO style engines this engine features high quality components at an affordable price.

Where are Ultima motorcycle parts made?

Not only are they made in china they are making the left main bearing cheaper by pressing the race in.

How many cc’s is a 103 Harley-Davidson Motor?

The company released 103 cu in (1,690 cc) for 2010 Electra Glide Ultra Limited models, and later for 2012 Softail models and 110 cu in (1,801 cc) for Screamin’ Eagle/CVO Models.

How much HP does a Harley 103 have?

75 horsepower and 90 ft torque from the 103 engine. In comparison the stock Evo Engine with 80 cubic inch had around 55 horse power, same for the TC 88 engine. The larger differences tend to be in the torque, where the TC96 Engine has about 78 ft pounds, and the 103 cubic inch engine has 81 ft pounds.

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What is an Ultima engine?

Ultima is now offering complete competition series hydraulic chain tensioner engines for Twin Cam. The new 100″ and 113” Twin Cam alpha engines are a direct bolt-in engine for 1999-2006 “A” motor Twin Cam bikes. Just like Ultima’s EVO style engines, these engines features high quality components at an affordable price.

When did Harley introduce the 103 engine?

Debuting on the 2011 Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycles, the PowerPak feature combines the new big-bore Twin Cam 103 engine with Anti-Lock Braking (ABS) and the H-D Smart Security System.

What year did Harley come out with the 107?

81hp 107ci, 86hp 114ci @Rear Wheel. The Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight engine is the ninth generation of “big twin” engines developed by the company, but only Harley’s third all-new Big Twin in 80 years, first introduced in 2016.

What Harley has the most horsepower?

1. Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide. Harley’s air or oil-cooled 117-inch motor is the most powerful V-twin the factory has ever produced and is only available on CVO motorcycles. This 1,923cc monster can reach a peak of 105 hp and 125 lb-ft of torque with a few legal tweaks.

Whats the difference between the 103 and 103 high output?

Harley reports that the Twin Cooled 103 has 10.7 percent more torque than the standard 103, although no horsepower figures are offered. The High Output Twin Cam 103 gets more cam lift and a better-flowing airbox for more torque compared to a standard Twin Cam 103.

What is a Stage 4 103?

A Stage 4 on the stock 103 platform will gain you 103 hp with 110ft-lbs of torque and the Bolt on 110Ci cylinders with stage 1 gets you 105 hp pretty respectable for a stock freedom machine with new jugs and stock heads.

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How many miles will a Harley 103 last?

The Harley Davidson engine can last for 150,000 miles if it is properly maintained. Although Harley Davidson engines aren’t guaranteed to work, they are among the more reliable parts of the bike. It’s the smaller parts that owners complain about that are the most frustrating.

What does a Stage 2 kit do for a Harley?

The Stage 2 Harley-Davidson® upgrade involves a cam change. We can provide a stage 2 torque kit that gives you a significant improvement when you’re passing or accelerating by targeting lower RPM performance. Or, a stage 2 power kit upgrade increases your rev limit to 6400 RPM for increased mid-range horsepower.

What is the biggest Harley motor?

Harley-Davidson offers power-hungry street riders a new performance option with the introduction of the Screamin’ Eagle® Milwaukee-Eight® 131 Crate Engine for Touring model motorcycles. The new 131 cubic inch (2147cc) V-Twin delivers the biggest, most powerful street-compliant engine Harley-Davidson has ever created*.

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