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BusinessWho owns FantomWorks?

Who owns FantomWorks?

FantomWorks, also known as DRS Automotive, is located in Norfolk, VA, and owned by Dan Short, who served 24 years in the army as a member of the 5th Special Forces Group Airborne.

How much is Dan from FantomWorks worth?

The owner of DRS Automotive Fantomworks, the auto repair place out of Norfolk, Virginia, is worth a cool $3.5 million.

What is Dan Short doing now?

Dan Short has a booming business back in Norfolk, Virginia. and even though the show is no longer running, the garage is still up and running. FantomWorks is the largest auto restoration shop in the U.S. Dan Short is the owner of this gorgeous workshop.

Was Dan Short in the military?

After spending 24 years in the army as a member of the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), flying in the 18th Aviation Brigade, and finally building aircraft for the Task Force 160th, Dan left the Army and began FantomWorks.

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Does Fantom work sell cars?

Does FantomWorks sell cars? The vehicles restored at FantomWorks are customer owned. Each customer has either purchased or already owns their classic vehicle before bringing it to us for restoration.

Can you buy cars from FantomWorks?

FantomWorks Classifieds DRS FantomWorks is offering this FREE service. Our desire is to connect classic car aficionados in a forum to sell, purchase or just discuss great automobiles.

Who is the office girl on FantomWorks?

FantomWorks (TV Series 2013–2019) – Audrey Sickles as Self – Office Manager, Self, Self (2013), Self – Office Manger – IMDb.

Who pays for the parts in Garage Squad?

A: We do, with the help of great sponsors like Cooper Tires and RockAuto.com. “ So, according to the Garage Squad team, the costs are covered by the show as well as sponsors.

Where is FantomWorks filmed at?

FantomWorks has projects both on and off-screen and there is constant filming to show several projects at once. The automotive repair shop is located on Hampton Boulevard near Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. It is 52,000 square feet in size and is one of the largest car repair facilities in the country.

Where is restoration garage filmed?

You may have seen him hosting his TV show Restoration Garage, which showcases the restoration shop in Bradford, Ontario. David and his wife Janice Stone started The Guild back in 1991, and it has since developed into one of North America’s premier collector car restoration facilities.

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Where is the show garage squad filmed?

The show is filmed in the Chicago area and produced by Super Genius, a Chicago digital media and creative incubator. The “Garage Squad” team includes co-host Heather Storm; world champion National Hot Rod Association driver Bruno Massel, of Elmhurst; and Minooka mechanic Joe Zolper.

Is FantomWorks scripted?

Fantom Works is one of those shows that claims nothing is scripted. Ok, if that’s the truth, then the owner is just a bad person and none of the people on the show should go anywhere near a car.

What happened to Paul from the guild restoration garage?

After a long dispute with my employer and while on a medical leave, my employment at the Guild of Automotive Restorers has been officially terminated as of this afternoon.

What is the average cost to restore a muscle car?

Some car experts also recommend preparing your vehicle for restoration by having the body and frame blasted and re-plated. Nuts and bolts can also be cleaned in an acid bath. Overall, a car restoration could ultimately cost you up to $60,000 (financing options are often available).

When did Bogi join garage squad?

Now, she’s adding to her extensive resume by joining Garage Squad for season 8. After being welcomed with open arms, Bogi soon realized how much collaborative effort goes into each episode.

How much does it cost to completely rewire a car?

If the vehicle does need to be rewired, it can run from $1,200 to $1,500 depending on the vehicle, the amount of wiring and the time to do it. Older cars, especially those with less complex wiring, are easier to get to and cheaper to wire.

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