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CelebrityWho Is Markos D1 Father Of Lyn May Child at the Age...

Who Is Markos D1 Father Of Lyn May Child at the Age of 68

Today, we are going to discuss Who Is Markos D1 Father Of Lyn May Child at the Age of 68

Announcing her pregnancy to her admirers, Mexican vedette Lilia Mendolia de Chi, better known by her stage name Lyn May, recently took control of her Instagram account, “@lynmay_.” The 68-year-old Mexican actress tweeted alongside a photo of herself and her partner, pop musician Markos D1, that she was 3 months pregnant and that he was “very thrilled to announce” that he would soon become a father. Antonio Chi-Xuo and Lyn May were previously married in 1989. However, Chi-Xuo was later identified as having prostate cancer in 2004.

Who Is Markos D1 Father Of Lyn May Child

Prior to Chi Su’s death in 2008 due to prostate cancer, the couple were enjoying their happy existence. After Chi Su passed away in 2008, May, who had been in a relationship with film producer Guillermo Calderon for ten years before getting married, subsequently wed him. The couple were together for nearly 4 years before deciding to separate because their relationship did not work out. On the other hand, the 31-year-old Markos D1 is a pop musician as well as the CEO of the Mark D1 world.
The 31-year-old Latin pop sensation Markos D1 is a recording artist by trade and presently resides in Los Angeles. In addition to being a musician, D1 is a successful businessman who owns numerous beauty cosmetic companies, hair salon chains, and popular fashion brands in California. In addition, he collaborated with Grammy Award winner DJ Jane to produce the smash song “Borracho,” which he then uploaded to his YouTube page. Music fans loved the song so much that they had to get up and dance to the sounds of Borracho when they heard the single.

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D1 has frequently stated that his first aim while writing music is to write music that unites and embraces everyone. He provides everything, overcoming sorrow and difficulties, successes and failures. D1 currently has more than 67.3K followers on his “@markosd1official” Instagram account. Initial reports said that Lyn May, a Mexican actress, and Markos D1, a Latin musician, began dating in 2019. However, it wasn’t until October 2019 that the couple came forward and confirmed their relationship in front of the world. The pair appeared together in the “Drunk” video, which was said to be narrated by D1 himself.

When May got pregnant, her family, friends, and supporters were amused. They congratulated her and D1.

Are You Familiar With Lyn May?

After that, Guillermo Calderon Stell, the actress and dancer’s longtime love, became her husband. It’s a given that the actress is ecstatic at the prospect of growing her family. Following speculations of her impending pregnancy, fans have expressed an interest in learning more about Lyn May’s boyfriend, and we have provided them with all the pertinent information.

Do You Know About Markos D1?

On his website, Markos D1 describes himself as a successful cosmetics business owner, singer, and model who now resides in Los Angeles, California. The self-proclaimed beauty and fashion fanatic, Markos, has carefully selected and successfully put together a competent team of hairstylists and make-up artists since taking over the Markos D1 hair salon branch in California.

He has assisted customers on the West Coast in looking their best with his team of stylists, who have been working together since 2009. Markos D1 salons also sell a wide range of cosmetics with the Markos D1 brand, which is a unique line that customers have come to recognise and ask for by name.

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The Los Angeles-Based Musician Is Currently Dating Lyn May

On August 8, 2021, Lyn May announced her pregnancy on Instagram and revealed the identity of the father of her unborn child. She sent Markos a lot of adorable and cuddly pictures to add another layer.

Born in 1991 and headquartered in Los Angeles, Markos D1 is a recording artist. He has been active in the industry ever since. On his official website, it says that “D1” is a short name that “represents Markos’s unique and strange style of Latin pop music, as well as his strong business sense as a successful fashion model and beauty business magnate.”
Markos D1 was raised in California, but his family comes from Mexico and Puerto Rico. He was born and raised in the United States. He also runs Markos D1, a chain of hair salons with locations all over the state of California. According to the company, Markos D1 salons carry a wide variety of cosmetics under the Markos D1 brand. According to rumours, Markos D1 is now working on a new album that will feature songs in both Spanish and English. In his bio on Instagram, he calls himself a “VIRGO, DESIGNER, POP STAR, AND CEO” and claims to have 66,000 followers. He often posted a lot of photos of himself and Lyn on the red carpet.

News Of Pregnancy All Over Instagram

Sunday, the actress shared some photos with musician Markos D1 with her 163,000 Instagram followers to share the good news.
May posted pictures of herself and her husband on @markosd1official in Spanish. She was “quite excited” to share that she was three months pregnant, and her husband was “extremely happy” to be a parent.

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Within an hour or so, Markos D1 posted a photo of the two of them holding hands on his own Instagram account. He tagged the photo with the word “#2019” to indicate that they are allegedly dating.

Official Remarks

The media has been in touch with a Markos D1 representative for comment. The global record for the oldest woman to give birth would be broken in May if the pregnancy were healthy and full-term. M. Bousada On December 29, 2006, Lara—who was 66 years and 358 days old—became the first lady in Barcelona, Spain, to give birth to twin boys via c-section.

Despite the fact that Bousada, a 55-year-old lady, gave birth to her children via in vitro fertilisation, she passed away in 2009 (IVF). In Spain, she had previously been refused medical care. Antonio Chi-Xuo, sometimes known as May, and Lilia Mendiola de Chi were previously wed; he passed away in 2008.

She plays the lead role in the Ficheras film series. She married Guillermo Calderon Stell the year after Chi-Xuo passed away. May confessed this year that she had dug out Chi-ashes Xuo’s out of a profound need for him in an interview for the YouTube video El Minuto Que Cambió Mi Destino (The Minute That Changed My Destiny).

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