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Frequently Asked QuestionsWho is Brother Mouzone based on?

Who is Brother Mouzone based on?

As said by David Simon himself in an interview: “Brother Mouzone, like all of our characters, is a composite of attributes from a variety of people. No one is entirely fictional or entirely real.”

Who tortured Brandon in The Wire?

Stringer Bell grabs Brandon and tortures him to death. His body is left on display, coincidentally outside of Wallace’s home. Wallace receives a quarter of the $2000 bounty on Brandon’s head but is so sickened by the event that he decides he wants out of “the game”.

Why did Brother Mouzone give Omar his gun?

Before returning to New York, Mouzone releases Dante and gives Omar his weapon to dispose of. In season 3, episode 11, Mouzone and Omar ambush and kill Stringer Bell, ending the story arc that began with Stringer’s pursuit of Omar back in season 1.

Is Stringer Bell based on a real person?

Stringer Bell’s name is a composite of two real Baltimore drug lords’, Stringer Reed and Roland Bell. His story bears many similarities to the life of Kenneth A. Jackson—specifically, his crossover from the illegal drug trade to legitimate business ownership and political contributions.

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What happens to Avon Barksdale in The Wire?

Avon Barksdale: Still in prison, serving out the remaining time on his 2004 conviction. He lives a comfortable life (as comfortable as it can be in prison, anyway). Roland “Wee-Bey” Brice: Still in prison.

Who is Butchie in The Wire?

“Mostly blind” Butchie is a fictional blind man on the HBO drama series The Wire, portrayed by S. Robert Morgan. He runs an East-Side Baltimore bar, and is Omar Little’s bank and advisor.

How did Bunny Colvin know Stringer Bell?

McNulty and Freamon pick it up on the wiretap a few times that Stringer is calling Colvin from the phone number on his business card that he gave McNulty when he went into Stringer’s store. They met at least twice.

What happened to Avon Barksdale in Season 3?

Avon ends up in court with all those apprehended during the bust sitting behind him. Avon will return to jail for the remaining five years left over from his initial sentence and an additional 25 years for possession of firearms and conspiracy to murder.

Who killed Stringer Bell?

Near the end of the third season (and in one of the show’s most shocking moments), Stringer gets murdered by Omar and Brother Mouzone.

Is Omar from The Wire based on a real person?

Larry Donnell “Donnie” Andrews (April 29, 1954 – December 13, 2012) was an American armed robber, murderer, and anti-crime advocate. He was the inspiration for the character Omar Little on the HBO series The Wire.

What happened to Chris in The Wire?

He often met with Marlo and his advisor Vinson to discuss their strategy. Partlow’s cautious observation revealed Avon Barksdale’s car when he tried to set a trap for Stanfield. Partlow fired upon the car in a drive by shooting, wounding Avon and killing one of his soldiers.

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Did The Wire use real drug dealers?

Characters in The Wire Many of them were real people, characters or events from David Simon’s reporting for The Baltimore Sun. What is this? Characters included: Drug dealers like Bodie and Marlo (based on Melvin Williams).

Why did Avon betray Stringer?

As Stringer saw his legitimate ambitions imperiled, he moved quickly to return Avon to prison. To that end, he betrayed Avon to Howard “Bunny” Colvin by revealing the location of his safehouse to Colvin, in the hopes of getting Avon out of the way long enough for Stringer to quiet things down.

Who is McNulty based on?

When off the job, he has frequent problems involving alcoholism, alimony, child support, cheating and sexual promiscuity, and unstable relationships. He is central to many of the successful high-end drug investigations that take place within the series. McNulty is loosely based on Ed Burns, co-writer of the series.

What is the best season of The Wire?

After two excellent seasons of drama, Season 3 established The Wire as the best program on television. Dramatically speaking, little else can compare with the Machiavellian tragedy of Avon and Stringer, which comes to full fruition here in the best scene of the entire series.

What happens to McNulty in The Wire?

McNulty is officially separated from his wife, who limits his contact with his two sons, Sean and Michael. While at the market with his sons one afternoon, McNulty spots Stringer Bell, Avon Barksdale’s second-in-command, and sends his sons to tail him and get his license plate number.

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Who kills Avon?

When they later plan to meet up, it becomes clear that a trap has been set and Marlo’s enforcer Chris Partlow shoots and kills a Barksdale crew member named Tater and wounds Avon in the process. Later, Marlo finds Devonne and shoots her dead in front of her home.


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