Who bought LoJack?

IRVINE, Calif., March 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CalAmp (Nasdaq: CAMP), a global technology solutions pioneer transforming the mobile connected economy, and Spireon, the vehicle intelligence company, today announced that Spireon has acquired the LoJack® U.S. Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) business from CalAmp.

How long does LoJack last?

The managed battery power system is guaranteed for seven years and the lack of wiring means the LoJack box can be installed in any number of places on a vehicle or piece of equipment. The result is an anti-theft system much more difficult to detect by thieves.

Can LoJack be removed?

They said that the only way to remove a LoJack is through a LoJack technician, the nearest of which is 175 miles away from me in San Antonio. The procedure is this: Become a Paying Customer. Make an Appointment with a LoJack Technician.

Can you install LoJack yourself?

LoJack systems should only ever be installed by an authorized third party—so unless you’re a trained LoJack technician yourself, the best way to install it is to let someone else do it. The same goes for servicing, maintenance, and inspections.

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Is Kahu now LoJack?

Spireon completed a technology platform update and rebranding of its franchise dealer solution and now Kahu has become LoJack.

Is Kahu the same as LoJack?

15, 2021—Spireon, the Vehicle Intelligence Company, completed a technology platform update and rebranding of its franchise dealer solution from Kahu, to LoJack™.

Where are LoJack transmitters installed on cars?

Nevertheless, the LoJack system runs on battery power, so common places it will be installed include: The onboard diagnostic port below the steering column on most vehicles. Under the hood near the battery.

How expensive is LoJack?

LoJack can be installed on both new and used cars. It costs around $700, but only works in certain areas. OnStar is available on select GM models and is subscription based. It costs around $25 per month.

Is LoJack worth the cost?

The cost of installing LoJack is significant. Some car insurance companies offer a discount for having the system, however, the discount offered isn’t off of your total rates. If you would save up to ten percent on a $1500 annual rate, you’d be saving nearly $150 per year for having the system.

Can a dealership force you to buy LoJack?

Particularly with respect to theft-deterrent devices, dealerships may try to convince you otherwise. Devices like LoJack are generally pre-installed on vehicles that are available for sale at a dealership. A dealership might try to convince you that this means you’re required to pay for it.

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Is LoJack transferable?

Your LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery System is not transferable from one vehicle to another as the serial number on your LoJack® Unit is registered to the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your vehicle. However, a LoJack® System may enhance your vehicle’s resale value.

What is LoJack early warning?

Early Warning is a LoJack feature that calls the owner of a bike when it moves without the presence of a LoJack Key Pass. According to the owner, two weeks earlier, her residence was burglarized and her purse – containing a garage door opener – was stolen.

Why do dealers install LoJack?

Dealers put a LoJack based system on their cars for two reasons; one for the additional dealer profit of a crap item and two; to give them an exact idea where the car is at. This is especially helpful where cars are being stored offsite and have to be brought to the dealership for a viewing or delivery.

Is LoJack available in Canada?

“With more than 25 years of experience in the market, LoJack vehicle tracking and recovery systems offer the latest technology to deter theft and find stolen cars and trucks anywhere across Ontario, Quebec and the United States.

Do all new cars come with trackers?

Your New Car Right now, there are 78 million cars on the road that have this kind of tracking technology. And experts expect that within a few years 98% of all new cars sold will include it.

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Does LoJack work everywhere?

Classic LoJack – Limited Coverage Classic LoJack’s coverage area historically spanned counties across 29 states throughout the US and District of Columbia. Coverage areas may vary depending on historical LoJack support towers. For coverage questions, contact 1-800-4-LoJack.