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Frequently Asked QuestionsWhere is Uta Jima island?

Where is Uta Jima island?

The island called Uta Jima actually exists in Omura Bay in Nagasaki, however, this Uta Jima island has been called Tera Shima until 1995. Masashi Sada, a famous Japanese singer bought the island and changed the name of the island. Incidentally, Uta means song or poem.

What is the setting of the sound of waves?

Set on a small island off the coast of mainland Japan called Uta-Jima, The Sound of Waves is a tale about the life of eighteen-year-old Shinji Kubo.

What is the book sound of waves about?

“The Sound of Waves” is a typical boy-meets-girl story. Shinji is a poor fisherman on Uta-jima, a small island in Ise Bay. Hatsue left the island as a young girl to train to be a pearl diver. When she returns, now a young woman, Shinji falls for her but finds he has a rival in the rich and powerful Yasuo.

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How were Okinawa and Amami created?

After 1429, Shō Hashi unified Okinawa Island, founding the Ryukyu Kingdom. During the 1430s and 1440s, Ryukyu expanded into the Amami Islands. By 1450, Ryukyuan forces had reached deep into the Tokara Islands and conquered all but Kikai Island, which was invaded in 1466.

How does the sound of waves end?

Throughout the book he was a boy, accepting the whims of others. In the end, he realizes that he wasn’t simply “allowed” to marry Hatsue — he actively made that happen, through his own courage and fortitude.

Who is Hiroshi sound of waves?

Hiroshi is Shinji’s younger brother. He is excitable, impetuous, and occasionally a bit greedy. He enjoys stirring up trouble so that he can temporarily get Shinji in trouble and become his mother’s favorite.

Who started the rumor about Shinji and Hatsue?

When the lighthouse-keeper’s jealous daughter Chiyoko starts a false rumor that Shinji and Hatsue have had sex before marriage, the reverberations can be felt throughout the entire island of Uta-jima.

Who is Yasuo sound of waves?

Yasuo Kawamoto is the brash, braggadocious, and entitled president of Uta-jima’s Young Men’s Association. A member of a relatively wealthy and powerful family on the island, Yasuo talks endlessly of his sexual exploits and banal accomplishments, yet he has never known a day of hard work in his life.

Who is Hatsues father?

Hatsue Miyata, the daughter of Terukichi Miyata, the wealthiest man on the island. Her three sisters left the family through marriage, but she was adopted out to another family. Later, however, her father decides that she should return and marry Yasuo Kawamoto.

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How many Ryukyu Islands are there?

With a total land area of 1,193 square miles (3,090 square km), the Ryukyus consist of 55 islands and islets divided into three major groups: the Amami island chain in the north, the central Okinawa islands, and the Sakishima islands in the south.

How do you get to the Amami Islands?

You can reach Amami Oshima Island by direct flight from Osaka, or by Shinkansen bullet train or express bus to Kagoshima and then transfering to a ferry. The ferry terminals in Kagoshima are more than 1 hour’s travel away from Kagoshima Airport.

Why does sound not go on forever?

Sound cannot travel through empty space; it is carried by vibrations in a material, or medium (like air, steel, water, wood, etc). As the particles in the medium vibrate, energy is lost to heat, viscous processes, and molecular motion. So, the sound wave gets smaller and smaller until it disappears.

Does sound exist forever?

Setting matter in motion like this obviously requires energy, which will inevitably become dissipated as the waves pass through the air and more solid materials. Eventually the motion ceases entirely and no more sound can be heard – producing silence.

Do sounds live forever?

Due to that friction, the wave’s amplitude, or height, get smaller and smaller until it eventually dissipates. That is slowly fades out, due to friction in the air. Therefore, to answer the question, sound waves only have a limited amount of time to travel, but yes, in fact they do travel after being emitted.

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What is the Taihei Maru and who is the owner?

Jukichi Oyama The master fisherman and owner of the Taihei-maru, the ship Shinji worked on. He is elderly, wrinkled, tanned, and while he rarely laughs, is always in good spirits. He supports Shinji throughout his difficulties with Hatsue and gives him wise counsel.

How old is Shinji in the sound of waves?

Lovestruck. Like many other men on the island, 18-year-old Shinji Kubo is a fisherman. Shinji is a tall, handsome, quiet, hardworking young man. He’s pretty focused on helping his widow mother make ends meet and on his dream of one day owning a boat.

What is Shinji’s personality?

Shinji can be described as shy, timid, selfless, and depressed. Throughout the whole series, Shinji deals with his depression until he realizes that he wants to continue living on Earth. He is scared to get close to people due to something that called the Hedgehog’s Dilemma.


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