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Frequently Asked QuestionsWhere is the treasure in Akropolis of Argos?

Where is the treasure in Akropolis of Argos?

Treasure 1 is at a small side building. Treasure 2 and 3 are inside the Akropolis, upstairs. It’s in the ruines to the west. Both are close together.

What is the largest fort in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Fort Tiryns was a military fort located on the shore of the Ancient Ruins of Perseus region in Argolis, Greece.

Where is the Lokris nation treasure?

The one you’re looking for is Xerxes Military Fort, in the center of the Red Lake Bay region. You’ll have to explore the fort a little bit to find the Cultist Clue. The clue itself is in a chest, which the game will mark as a purple chest on the map. Use Ikaros to find it’s location.

Where is the golden ratio in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Where To Find Golden Ratio’s Papyrus. In Argos. Just North East of the Blacksmith there. There’s a small barn, on the lower level you will fi nd the Golden Ratio’s Papyrus sitting atop a table.

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Where is Ardos in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Ardos’ House was a residence in the Fertile Battleground in Messara, Greece. Located northeast of the Phaistos Village, the house was simple but sufficient for its residents.

Where is Nestor the formidable?

Nestor the Formidable Cultist Location – Order of the Storm in Legacy of the First Blade. The location of the cultist by the name of Nestor the Formidable is, interestingly enough, in the middle of the sea north of Achaia. Fortunately, you have the Cultist icon to lead you straight to him.

Where is the house of the Phoenician?

The House of the Phoenician was a residence in the Erymanthos Peaks in Achaia, Greece. Found near Boura, this residence was guarded by military personnel.

Where is the cultist clue in Shipwreck Cove?

The Cult Of Kosmos Cultist Clue Is On The Rocks Shipwreck Cove is located in the northern area of Scavenger’s Coast in Achaia. Once you’re there, head to the rocky area by the ocean and clamber over it. On the other side of the rocks, there’s a corpse which you must loot to get the clue.

Where is the nation chest in Paros?

Treasure 1, the Nation Chest is in the northern part of the quarry. Treasure 3 is at the center back bit of the quarry, high up a long ladder.

Where is the nation chest in KEOS?

Acquire the Nation Chest The Nation Chest is inside a small hut if not mistaken and is surrounded by at least five or six guards. You can try to sneak in or maybe get rid of everyone there but it takes time.

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Where is Xerxes military fort?

The Xerxes Military Fort, also referred to as the Lokris Fort, was a military fort south of Opous in in Lokris, Greece.

Which king is the traitor?

To complete the AC Odyssey quest called A Bloody Feast, you first have to know which Spartan King to accuse of being a member of the Cult of Kosmos. It’s Pausanias, so be sure to accuse him.

What is AC Odyssey Secrets of Greece?

Secrets of Greece is a single-player downloadable content addition for Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and was released on 5 Oct 2018 for Season Pass holders. The content consists of two missions in which Kassandra aids the philosopher Demokritos in developing his theory about the universe.

How do I start legacy of the first blade?

To get started, the easiest thing to do is head over to your digital storefront of choice and search “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey”. In the “add-ons” section of the game on both Xbox One and PS4, you’ll find Legacy of the First Blade as its own icon.

Is ISU a Pythagoras?

After completing the series it’s revealed that Pythagoras has isu blood. And according to Spartan legend Leonidas was a descendant of Heracles, meaning Kassandra is a descendant of Zeus/Jupiter on her mother’s side.

Who is the mysterious woman in AC Odyssey?

Behind the scenes In Assassin’s Creed franchise, the Greek goddess Athena is considered to be one of the aliases of the Isu Minerva, hence making this woman an imposter.

Is the mysterious woman Athena Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Outcome. Kassandra found pieces of tablets detailing the life and legacy of Gorgophone, and then recovered the queen’s helmet in a treasure chest. On returning to the mysterious woman, Kassandra told what she thought of the woman’s claim to be Athena, and was gifted the helmet as thanks for completing the various tasks …

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How do you open the door in the volcano AC Odyssey?

It’s the one where you have to enter a cave on the Volcanic Islands, but the massive stone door is locked. In order to unlock and open the door, you’ll have to complete a mirror puzzle, in which you redirect light to open the lock.

How do you get Theseus armor?

He can be found in Gortyn. After confronting the collector, players will get to know that he has sold the armor to the Captain of Fort Daidalos. Players need to infiltrate the Fort and kill the captain to obtain the first part of the Theseus Armor.


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