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TechnologyWhatsApp is bringing a new feature, now group messages will be under...

WhatsApp is bringing a new feature, now group messages will be under the control of admin, know full details

Today, we are going to discuss about whatsapp is bringing anew feature,now group message will be under the control  of admin,know full detail.

With their most recent updates, WhatsApp and Meta are both ready to roll out a new feature. The rollout of this new version by WhatsApp is imminent. The admin will have more control over group messaging as a result of this change. In fact, the group administrator will now have the ability to delete any communication for all group members without caring who submitted it. Prior to that, all users could only be deleted by the original poster of a group post. However, the group admin will now be in complete control of the group’s message flow. Not bad, huh?

new group admin feature

  • The group administrator may remove any post or text from the group immediately and without warning, according to reports from WABetaInfo. The admin will have complete control over group texting. Additionally, as soon as the group administrator deletes a message, all group members will receive notification that the particular post has been removed. Not bad, is it?
  • Users will always be informed of which posts have been deleted by the administrator in this way. On WhatsApp, this function will be known as the “admin erase capability.”

Changes to the user interface:

The website EarthWeb has recently posted that the Whatsapp user interface has changed.
This change has been reflected in the present situation by the BETA tester. With the help of the Google Play Beta programme, this new functionality will be released. All users will soon be able to access this functionality.

Change to the messages that vanish soon.

You did read that correctly. Disappearing messages, a recently introduced WhatsApp feature, will also be changed for users. Whatsapp, as we all know, is continually working to improve the user experience. So they also upgraded the recently introduced disappearing messages feature. Users may now make any message transitory with this update, and it will vanish after a specific amount of time. You must now be asking yourself, “What’s new about that?”

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The new WhatsApp feature will prevent random people from joining your group.

  • A new feature that would give group administrators more control over who enters their groups is being developed by WhatsApp. Users should start receiving it at some point in the future.
  • WhatsApp’s group chat features have been evolving over time. The messaging service, which is owned by Meta, has made it possible for users to create groups with up to 512 members each. A tool that would provide group admins more control over who enters their groups is currently being developed by the firm. Group administrators will soon be able to remove messages for everyone on WhatsApp.
  • WABetaInfo claims that WhatsApp is developing a tool for group membership approval. Users of WhatsApp groups would have more control over who could join their group if this option was enabled. According to a screenshot of the function provided by the blog site, group administrators will have the same control over turning it on and off as they do with other features like disappearing messages. Read also: Google and Amazon aim to alter the way you calculate time: Is it truly necessary?
  • In addition, the blog site notes that when group admins use this function, any person who uses a group invite link to join the group must first be manually approved by the admin before they may post messages, reply to them, or view the current conversation. Group administrators will be able to manage all incoming requests from users who want to join the group from a new area within the group info section. Also Read—Following user outrage, Instagram rolls back certain product changes.
  • Notably, in order to enable this functionality, group admins must toggle it on under each group’s group settings.
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What does this functionality entail for users of WhatsApp?

  • As of right now, group administrators can welcome new members to a group either by sharing an invite link for the same or by searching for them in the app. As there is no way to automatically discover new groups like there is with Telegram, new members must be invited in order to join a group. The messaging app is working on a feature that would make groups discoverable on the platform, transforming WhatsApp from a conventional messaging platform to a more social messaging platform, as this new feature—group membership approval—indicates.
  • Alternatively, it might be a component of the company’s intentions to add communities to its platform, a function it first revealed in April of this year. Remember that communities will encompass a variety of groups, so it is crucial for the business to make those groups easier to find on its platform. If so, it would be crucial to offer admins the ability to decide who joins (or doesn’t join) a group.

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