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MarketingWhat's the difference between red and blue Henry?

What’s the difference between red and blue Henry?

Quite simply, apart from the colour, there is NO DIFFERENCE. Both vacuum cleaners have exactly the same specification. Both have powerful 620 watt motors with high and low settings, giving them truly excellent suction. In fact, it’s not just the power, it’s something to do with the design of Henry and Hetty.

What’s better Henry or Hetty Hoover?

The Hetty vacuum cleaner is identical to Henry in every waybut she is Pink and has very pretty eyelashes. In 2020 Numatic released Hetty in yellow too. The difference between Henry and Hetty Vacuum cleaners ends there.

How many different types of Henry Hoovers are there?

There are a total of fourteen current main-series Henry vacuums. Some models have been out for numerous years, meaning many of these models’ looks have been changed over time, but the parts, power and bag size have stayed the same.

What is the brown Henry Hoover called?

Henry Wash (HVW370) – A larger, dark blue version unlike any one of the standard Henry models, carpet cleaner, 15-litre capacity.

Why is Henry Hoover so popular?

Henry the great Ultimately Henry is popular because he’s a great vacuum cleaner. He has a simple design, which is easy to carry, maneuver and store, and it has a powerful suction system that effectively removes the dirt from your floors.

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What is the GREY Henry Hoover called?

Numatic Henry Hoover Grey VNR200 The Nuvac 200 (VNR200) is a commercial quality machine intended to give years of service and with a performance you have come to expect from the makers of the world famous Henry!

What’s the difference between Henry and James Hoover?

He has a similar smiling face to Henry, as is tradition with vacuums from the Numatic range. One major difference is that James is slightly lighter and smaller than Henry, meaning he’s easier to carry around the home and well-suited to cleaning smaller households.

Can you use a Henry Hoover without the bag?

Henry vacuums can be used without bags but this isn’t recommended. You will only be doing damage to your vacuum and shortening its life span. There are reusable bags in the market that can save you the cost of replacing your Henry bag every time it’s full. Your filters can be washed, and become as good as new.

Where is Henry Hoover made?

His favourite is the Henry, manufactured in Chard, Somerset, UK, by Numatic International. The distinctive face on Numatic’s machines is well-loved by children everywhere, and the factory now creates storybooks, plush toys and accessories themed around their most popular products – Henry and Hetty.

How long does a Henry Hoover last?

The current estimate is 8 years, but truth be told, depending on the user this number can vary a lot. The main factor that affects the lifespan is the use and maintenance of the hoover.

How can you tell if a Hoover is good?

The key ratings are airflow (the most important of all) and sealed suction (listed on some vacuum cleaner specifications as “water lift”). On canister vacuum cleaners (with or without power heads) airflow of 100 CFM or more (or water lift of 90 inches or more) is recommended.

How much should you spend on a vacuum?

McCabe recommends spending a minimum of $150 on your new vacuum. “I know that’s a little hard for someone to understand when there are $30-$50 ones out there,” he said.

How do you know if a vacuum has good suction?

If you want to quickly test the suction power of your vacuum cleaner, try switching the cleaner to “carpet mode.” Power on the unit and let it run on maximum power. Try attaching the floorhead to a wall. If you have high suction power device, it should stay attached to the wall without any external support.

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Is Numatic British?

Numatic International Ltd (Founded as Numatic Engineering Limited) is a British manufacturer, primarily producing domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning and maintenance equipment distributed worldwide.

Why do cleaners use Henrys?

Henry’s face was invented to help keep cleaning staff company. It is believed that when Chris Duncan developed the Henry vacuum cleaner in 1970– the same man who runs the company today, he did so with the intention to prevent late night and early morning cleaning workers from feeling lonely.

Can I use Henry Hoover in the rain?

Can I use Henry for water? A regular Henry should not be used to clean up water. For water spills, choose the George or Charles vacuum cleaner, as these are designed for both wet and dry vacuum cleaning.

Is Henry good for carpets?

Avoid Henry But for carpets, they are the enemy. The harsh suction and incredibly sharp bristles are well known to cause damage to carpet over time, especially light pile or very thin carpets, where the bristles can actually tear through to the padding beneath.

Is Henry wet and dry?

Henry Wet & Dry is built for the tough stuff. Cleaning up takes no time at all with his powerful 1060W motor, huge 15L dry / 9L wet capacity, super long-reach 10m cable, and versatile toolkit. Change from wet to dry pick-up (and back again) quickly and easily.

How often should I change my Henry Hoover bag?

If the bag gets too full, this will put a strain on the motor, resulting in a loss of suction. It depends on how often you use the vacuum, but it’s recommended that you change the bag every six months.

Can you wash a Henry vacuum filter?

If you desperately want to wash the filter, you can wash it gently in warm water with a few drops of washing-up liquid, then hang it up and let it dry completely before returning it to Henry. Fit the filter back into Henry, with the rim at the top, and replace his lid.

Can you reuse Henry bags?

This compatible Henry Reusable Bag can be reused time and time again. The zip fastening keeps the dust inside the bag but also makes it quick and easy to empty out the dust.

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Who owns Henry vacuum company?

Have you seen it?” says Chris Duncan, founder and sole owner of the firm where a Henry rolls off the production line every 30 seconds. Duncan, who invented Henry 40 years ago this summer, is now 82, and worth an estimated £150m.

What happens if you hoover up water?

Vacuum up Liquids Regular vacuum cleaners are not designed to pick up water and other liquids. If you are ever tempted to run the vacuum cleaner over a puddle of water, remember that you run the risk of electrocution and serious damage to the machine.

Which vacuum lasts the longest?

Upright vacuums may last the longest due to their robust and durable design. But several factors play a part in this machine’s lifespan. For one, the brand has a lot of influence on how the machine is manufactured. We’d say that Miele vacuums may last the longest at up to 20 years.

Are expensive vacuums worth it?

Pro: Expensive vacuums last a longer time One of the biggest positives for buying an expensive vacuum over buying a cheaper one is the length of time that it lasts and works well for. This is due to the fact that expensive vacuum cleaners use higher quality parts which tend to last longer and be more durable.

Are upright Hoovers better?

Upright vacuums have more capacity and can be more powerful than stick vacuums – here are our favourites of 2022. Upright vacuum cleaners might not be as sleek or enticing as cordless cleaners like the latest Dyson V11 but there are still plenty of reasons you might want to choose one.

How many watts should a good vacuum cleaner have?

An upright vacuum cleaner should be around 100 air watts and a cylinder vacuum cleaner needs to be about 220 air watts.

What is a good wattage for a Hoover?

For the regular cleaning of a small apartment, a vacuum cleaner with a useful power of 250-320 watts should be enough. You should look for vacuums featuring power consumption in the range of 1500-3000 W, with useful power ranging in between 250 and 480 W.

Are Henry and Hetty Hoovers the same?

Hetty is the female counterpart to the Henry Hoover, up until recently she was identical in every mechanical and operational way, with the only differences being that she was pink, and had a more feminine set of eyelashes.


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