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Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat SCP did SCP 231 1 give birth to?

What SCP did SCP 231 1 give birth to?

231 1-7 is found by the foundation from the orginozation called Children of the Scarlet King. 231-1 died while giving birth to a SCP. 231-5 gave birth while D class are in the containment chamber. 231-6 died in a escape atttempt.

Who is the child of SCP-231-7?

Summary. SCP-231-7 was a female girl under the care of The Foundation. She was made an idol of the 7th bride of The Scarlet King, A’habbat, by a cult known as the Children of the Scarlet King. She and six other women were forced to become pregnant and bear the physical manifestation of the Scarlet King’s children.

What SCP is scarlet?

The Scarlet King is one of the overarching antagonists of the SCP Foundation Mythos, serving as the unseen antagonist of the articles SCP-231 and possibly SCP-2317, and the main antagonist of the “Verse of an Endless Song” series.

Is SCP 999 a child of the Scarlet King?

SCP-999 was conceived by the Seventh Bride (SCP-231-7), who had been impregnated by the Scarlet King via a ritual conducted by either the Children of the Scarlet King, or Lilly.

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What happens after death SCP?

SCP-2718 overrides that, overwrites your afterlife, creates a new, endless, meaningless pain that lasts even further than the end of time. If you are exposed to this infohazard, this is what happens to you when you die.

Which SCP is friendly?

the scp based off cthulhu, he is said to have a nice personality but its his ability which he cannot control that ultimately renders him dangerous. so not his fault, as the entity themself is generally pleasant. 343 (he’s supposed to be god, and why would god be a horrible person?)

Who is SCP 990?

SCP-990, also known as the Dream Man, is a Keter-level SCP who is yet to be contained due to his nature. He is a humanoid figure who took shape in a normal human male dressed in a Cold War-era business suit with a hat. He always appears in the dreams of Foundation personnel thus far.

Is SCP 001 the strongest?

the strongest by far is scp 001 swans proposal. the scp foundation said: Swan is the admins and writers. So it can do anything. and it cannot be touched and it wipes out any scp with a pen tap.

What is the broken God?

The Church of the Broken God is a worldwide religious cult that believes in the superiority of machines and the weakness of natural flesh and blood. They are one of the first main enemies of the SCP Foundation, although there have been times in which the two groups have collaborated when dealing with mutual threats.

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Who was the first SCP?

SCP is a “fictional” (legally, I have to say that) foundation with various creatures, objects, and tales, similar to the infamous Creepypasta. Though I don’t know about its exact origin, but the first SCP (found) made was SCP-173.

What is the cutest SCP?

Well, the answer has got to be scp 999. Scp 999 is the cutest scp know to the scp verse. It tickles you and it’s playful. If it touches you a sudden wave of happiness will hit your body making the subject or you have the time of your life.

Can the Scarlet King be defeated?

The Scarlet King is the most dangerous and hostile SCP in existence. However, there is someone who can defeat him: SCP 999, AKA ‘The Tickle Monster’. Yup. That cute little orange blob has the ability to defeat even the Scorpion King.

Who is Collingwood SCP?

Collingwood is a character in NewScapePro, specifically the SCP Animated Series. She is voiced by Ariel Hack.

What is the hateful star?

SCP-1548-EX, also known as the Hateful Star, was a Keter-classed entity from the SCP Foundation, later reclassified as Explained. It is a sentient star-like entity devoting a strong hatred for all lifeforms, currently moving towards the Solar System to destroy the Earth.

What does SCP 054 do?

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Water Manipulation, Shapeshifting and Body Control (SCP-054 can change its form to female, male, object or shapes), Camouflage (SCP-054 when in any body of water is indistinguishable from it), Berserk Mode (SCP-054 will become berserk if the temperatures around …

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Who is scp100?

SCP-100. OBJECT CLASS: Euclid. SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: SCP-100 is to be in constant operation and checked for defects every week by a Level-2 staff member familiar with its operation.

What SCP is candy?

SCP-330 is a small, round and stainless bowl filled with several pieces of candies. A note was taped to the side of the bowl, warning that people should take no more than two, and any attempts to remove the note have met with failure, as have attempts to hide or obscure it.

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