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Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat movie was the carpenters close to you in?

What movie was the carpenters close to you in?

It was a theme song for the 2002 Hong Kong action film So Close, starring Shu Qi, Zhao Wei, and Karen Mok.

Did the carpenters write any of their songs?

As a songwriter, Carpenter co-wrote (with John Bettis) four of the duo’s Top 10 pop hits, including their number one hit “Top of the World,” “Goodbye to Love,” “Yesterday Once More” and “Only Yesterday.” In addition, he co-wrote their classic holiday song, “Merry Christmas, Darling,” and he co-wrote many other songs …

Did Herb Alpert play trumpet on close to you?

Stewart from Seattle, WaBurt Bacharach was never satisfied with his final production/arrangement of this song. When he heard the Carpenter’s version, he realized Richard Carpenter had nailed it. Ernie from KranjBy the way, Herb Alpert contributed the trumpet solo to the track.

Did Richard Carpenter sing?

Richard Carpenter was one of the most successful singer-songwriters of all time, scoring many hits with his sister Karen Carpenter as part of the brother-sister duo Carpenters.

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Did Karen Carpenter have any children?

Miss Carpenter was found in full cardiac arrest and she died shortly afterwards at a hospital. She was 32. The two-time Grammy Award-winning singer was divorced last year from Thomas Burris, a real investor she had married in 1980. They had no children.

Did Tom Burris attend Karen Carpenters Funeral?

Carpenter’s funeral was held February 8, 1983, at Downey United Methodist Church. Approximately one thousand mourners attended, including her friends Dorothy Hamill, Olivia Newton-John, Petula Clark and Dionne Warwick. Her estranged husband, Thomas Burris, also attended and placed his wedding ring into her casket.

Did Karen Carpenter have perfect pitch?

Karen’s vocal prowess was astounding. They found she had perfect pitch. Richard would put her in the studio and she could record anything the first time, and never need to re dub.

What happened Karen Carpenter?

Karen Carpenter, a singer who long suffered under the burden of the expectations that came with pop stardom, died on February 4, 1983, succumbing to heart failure brought on by her long, unpublicized struggle with anorexia.

What did Richard Carpenter do when Karen died?

In 1984, the year after Karen died, he married his cousin Mary Rudolph and is now the father of four. In 1987 he made his own solo album, “Time,” a critical and commercial failure.

Are Richard and John Carpenter related?

Tag: John Carpenter is Richard and Karen Carpenter’s brother During his confessional rant, John Carpenter revealed he is the middle sibling of the Carpenter clan and was part of the early Carpenters’ lineup, playing piano and keyboards whilst Richard was originally the vocalist with Karen, of course, famously on drums.

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Is Candi Carpenter related to the carpenters?

She grew up in a family band “My parents, uncles and grandpa were in a gospel singing group called Heaven Sent. When I officially joined around the age of 8, they changed the name of the band to The Carpenter’s because ‘we belonged to Jesus.

How old is Karen Carpenter today?

On Feb. 4, 1983, singer Karen Carpenter fell victim to heart failure brought on by the chemical emetine after an eight-year battle with anorexia nervosa. Today, March 2, 2020, she would have been 70 years old.

What made Karen Carpenters voice so special?

Karen normally sang as a contralto, but she had the rare ability to transition from that more typical female register to a much lower range—something she called her “basement.” Thanks to Richard’s songwriting and song selection, her basement voice was used masterfully on music that tended toward the melancholy, the “ …

Was Karen Carpenters husband abusive?

Their marriage ended after 14 months. Karen’s friends also claimed he was abusive towards her. In 1981, Carpenter and Burris broke up, and she filed for divorce on October 28, 1982, while she was in Lenox Hill Hospital.

Was Karen Carpenter a good drummer?

But Karen wasn’t just a timekeeper, she was a great drummer! She started playing as a kid and taught herself how to play complicated drum lines with “exotic time signatures”. She always considered herself a, “drummer who sang,” and fellow drummers like Hal Blaine and Buddy Rich gave her high praise.

Who did Herb Alpert discover?

In all, Alpert has recorded over forty albums and produced for many other artists, including Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66, Stan Getz, Michel Colombier, Gato Barbieri and Alpert’s wife, GRAMMY winning vocalist Lani Hall, to name a few.

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Did Herb Alpert play on carpenters close to you?

The recording of “Close to You” is part of A&M legend, with stories of staffers breaking company policy and ruining takes by slipping into studio C to hear what all the fuss was all about. Alpert was so thrilled with the end result that he played the recording over the phone to Bacharach, who was stunned and delighted.


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